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Treat high end brand as such | The Escort Magazine

We treat high-end brands as such

Advertisers are precious to us, and we would never dream of mixing high-end brands with ones that are recognized as something else.

Invited high-end agencies, escorts, and brands only

Establishing an exclusive brand is demanding, expensive and extremely challenging in competitive markets, regardless of the type of industry in which you operate. The escort industry is no exception.

It is fundamentally important to market high-end brands in channels the main target group associate themselves with and uses as a natural part of their orientation in search of products and services. To date, there have been no marketing channels available for those offering exclusive models and services, and both independents and agencies have had no choice but to market themselves in directories along with everyone else. That situation is ending now.

Advertising with us means that someone experienced with communication and brand building take care of the brands residing on our platform. The Escort Magazine offer a marketing program for proven elite agency escort services, exclusive escorts, and high-end brands only. The end users in the worldwide market we target are rich, wealthy, and otherwise sophisticated and discerned in their taste for elite companions.

For any advertiser using our marketing program, we will do our outmost to make the exclusive brand stand out and shine. When you send us a featured article our designer will tailor made the page based on the text and images you send us. When you send us images from your escort portfolio, we will make sure to rotate them on the gallery page so that everyone will have a turn in the best position.

Want another perspective on your ads? Not a problem. We know that your day probably are busy, so why don’t you let us suggest ideas on design that accomodate your brand and the message you want to come across with. Would you like to change an ad or replace it completely? This is not a problem with us. We charge a small fee but can replace ads as many times you want, just like you would do if advertising with Google ADs.

The point for both you and us is that your ads get the best conversion. We will supporting you the best way we can so that you acchieve the results you want and stay with us.

Advertisers are kindly asked to send us an application

When we launch The Escort Magazine we have been researching and studying this industry for more than 18 months. We use the best analysing tools when we gather all the digital information available about escorts,  agencies, and the industry, and we have visited hundreds of personal escort and agency webpages.

We know many call themself high-class escort agencies of some sort, but many fail to deliver services that truly can be associated with this level of companionship. A strong brand can have no weak link but must excel in every aspect the brand are exposed for clients, business partners, shareholders, financial institutions, the public, or others that somehow have interest in the business.

It means that the quality must be ensured throughout the organization. From the recruitment process for both the staff and the models and their never ending focus on product quality, the professionalism found on the high-end webpages, the customer service strategy and application, and the way the brand are handled in marketing operations.

We need to tap into this brand management and understand how our advertisers are operating for us to make sure that it is only the state of the art brands that make it to our marketing programs.

We will therefore ask for some basic information from anyone that wants to take advantage of our marketing opportunities before we accept them as advertisers. It is in the best interest for all parties. The same way any strong brand upheld their standards of quality, we must upheld the same level of standard to accomodate the discerned clients and their expectation when they visit us.

We work on an international arena

We travel for pleasure and business more than ever, so do exclusive companions. Our goal is to offer an exclusive marketing platform where both clients, escorts and other brands can share their communication and reach a worldwide audience.

As we grow, all the important markets will be a part of our archive of guides and articles, making sure that we share updated and actionable insight and advices to everyone visiting our magazine.

The selected few

Even considering this industry at a global level, it is actually quite few that are acknowledged as exclusive independents and agencies.

This small group of exclusives are our market and whom we want to service. It means that each and one of them will have the opportunity to come across to the rich and wealthy without competing with an incredible amount of noise found in traditional directories and listings. Having relatively few clients, we will make sure each and one of them are well taken care of, as the high-end brand they are.

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