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Four rules to ensure profitable escorting | The Escort Magazine

Four rules to ensure profitable escorting

Making serious money as an escort requires considerable dedication and a lot of hard work. This article pinpoints four fundamental rules to follow to ensure profitable escorting.

Profitable escorting require hard work but also smart

When you look at elite, high-class escorts, you see beautiful, classy people who a make thousands of pounds per week in their profitable escorting business. However, the reality is, it can be challenging to get to that point. As with climbing the ladder in any career, hard work is vital – particularly when you are a freelancer.

Elite escorts who make tens of thousands of pounds a month didn’t get to that stage simply because they are attractive and give a decent blowjob. They got there through an intense work ethic, strict priorities and a drive for success.

There are four rules to follow to ensure profitable escorting, and, if followed correctly, they will yield results.

Rule #1: Get your priorities straight

First and foremost, if you want to ensure profitable escorting, growing your escorting career has to be your top priority. If your escorting career is not your top priority, you will not be making the earnings of an elite escort.

People who make a considerable salary as an exclusive escort manage to do so because their financial goals are always at the forefront of their mind. They are willing to make sacrifices in their life to achieve the success they desire, and they only take days off when they know they can afford to.

One method to figure out where your priorities lie is to keep track of your day-to-day activities. Each hour, take note of precisely what you did. Were you out for lunch, watching television or with a client? Were you ready to be called out for work? Use the information you gather to calculate where your time goes. How many hours were you with clients available to work or to do things to expand your business?

If most of your time is spent on activities that are not business-related, significantly profitable escorting will not be achieved. Use what you learn from this method to change and develop working habits and practise strict self-discipline. It will be challenging, but it will ensure significant long-term success.

If you eventually find that your priorities do not lie in having a successful escorting career, it is not necessarily a sign to give up. Instead, figure out whether you are willing to change your priorities around to put financial success at the top.

Rule #2: Take care of your appearance

As shallow as it sounds, to be successful as an escort, you have to be attractive. In an industry that relies heavily on good looks, an effort must be made by an escort to take care of their appearance.

That is not to say that you should engage in dangerous dieting and extreme plastic surgery, but rather enhance the attractive assets you already have. Every client is different, and every client has unique preferences. Some may be attracted to an athletic physique, a curvy figure or a more petite frame.

There is a market for almost anything, so if you are comfortable in your appearance, don’t feel like you need to change your appearance too drastically. Just identify the aspects of your appearance that you think are attractive or are regularly complimented on, and do what you can to show them off.

As well as finding your market, part of profitable escorting is using your earnings to invest back into your appearance. Booking regular beauty treatments such as manicures, hair extensions, lash extensions and skin treatments are a great way to ensure you are always looking your best. A solid beauty regime is also a big part of giving your client what was advertised; if you look pampered and glamorous in your photo but have not kept up with treatments before bookings, your client may feel disappointed or even misled.

On top of this, be sure to pay close attention to client feedback. Please take note of the aspects of your appearance that they compliment you on. For example, if a well-paying client mentions that they love the shade of lipstick you have on, remember to wear that same shade next time you see them.

Four rules to ensure profitable escorting | The Escort Magazine

Rule #3: Show up

Truly profitable escorting requires an exceptional commitment to the job; you will only get back what you put out. To put it simply, the more available you make yourself to work, and the more you show up to work, the more money you will make.

As a freelancer, or even under an agency, work can be unpredictable. There is no telling how many bookings you will receive over the week, so it is essential to make yourself available whenever possible.

Though it may seem this way, being constantly available to work does not have to be disruptive to your day. Rather than sitting at home, waiting for a booking, it is still possible to go to the gym or meet a friend for lunch. Just remember, the phone could ring at any point, calling you away for a booking.

So do your makeup and take a shower each morning as if you are going to a booking and keep a bag of essentials with you that holds everything you need if you are called away. You could carry some different lingerie options, high heels, and perhaps some toys in this bag. Keeping a bag of essentials means that if you are out and about when you get a call for a booking, there’s no rush to go home and get ready, and you can head straight to the client.

Clients come and go all the time; if you’re not prepared to show up as and when they need you, you’ll have a more challenging time keeping them around.

Rule #4: Provide exceptional service

Now that the escorting industry is primarily managed online, the supply of escorts is overwhelming. Since clients can find escorts everywhere, it is vital to provide the best quality of service to turn a substantial profit. In short, if your service is not good enough, your client will find a new escort. Therefore, escorts should constantly be striving to meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

In a similar vein to the previous point regarding appearance, ask your clients for feedback and listen to them. Don’t just listen to what they are saying but notice what they don’t comment on. Of course, improving skills will come with lots of work and experience.

Some clients are confident and will tell you exactly what they want, but others are more reserved. When dealing with a client who is a little shyer, don’t be afraid to be bold and take the lead. Offer to try new things – there might be something your client wants to try but feels nervous to ask for.

The most important part of the escort service is that the client feels that their escort is genuinely attracted to them. Showing them you are attracted to them can be a tricky part of the job, but if you are not attracted to your client or are over-acting your attraction towards them, your client will notice.

The escort’s interest in their client must appear to be natural. Sometimes, a client will not be physically attractive, is poorly groomed or may even have poor personal hygiene. However, a good escort will always look past this and do their job regardless. Every client deserves special treatment. Excellent service like this will always amount to a profitable escorting career.


To sum it up, real results require real effort. A career as a successful escort is not as simple as it may seem from the outside, and anybody who has goals of reaching that point must be prepared to put in the work. Sure, a standard escort who doesn’t put heaps of effort into growing their business can still make a decent amount of money. Still, escorts with a clear drive and strong financial aspirations will undoubtedly make a significantly higher salary.

If you are the kind of person who likes to relax, doesn’t like to turn on the charm and act a little fake, or doesn’t have distinct goals to be wealthy and successful, perhaps elite/profitable escorting isn’t for you. However, if you are a motivated, hard-working individual, there is a high chance you can make a serious profit as an escort.

Be diligent, perfect the craft and follow these rules, and your bank account will surely thank you for it.

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