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A brand wishing to come across with a message to a target group, depends on a fundamental insight in the market. Then one need the ability to execute a strategy that make the communication differentiated from competitors, have a trustworthy message, and most important of them all, that the target group can identify themself with the message.

The typical ad in the escort business is small in size, and begins and ends with an image of a gorgeous companion. This ad will compete with many other escort services that all scream for attention. It’s difficult to stand out and get clicks.

With The Escort Magazines sole focus on exclusive escort services it is a completely different ball game. We offer advertisers a business platform with a lot fewer brands competing for attention, and they all ere top notch companies.

Our concept it simple yet powerful. Few and only elite  advertisers that can choose from a variety of different ad modules, and with enought space for each and one to stand out and come across with their brand message. 

Our design services that can help a brand to stand out - this is what we focus on

The target group must identify themselves with the brand message

A clear message that the target group can identify themself with is a fundamental piece of any communication. If the target group somehow don’t think the message is relevant, they won’t buy into it. A brand must solve a problem or deliver something the target group would want to have.

What we look for when working with brand communication is the core of the business, and this must stand out from the competitors. Most exclusive escorts are offering the same type of services and the more alike the communication are, the harder it will get to convince the market that your services are better and different than others.

This is all about truly understanding the clients on a fundamental level and accomodate for it in the communication and delivery of the services.

The communication must differentiate from those from competitors

One need to make sure that the communication are differentiated as well, in comparison to competitors brand communication.

This boils down to how an ad campaign are dramatized, what the headings and text are telling, and what kind of imagery that are used. It is all the details that reflects who and what the brand are all about, and that will accomodate what the target group most likely will identify with.

Trustworthy is a basic fundamental

If the target group don’t believe the brand communication it will not get the company new customers. This is a basic fundamental within the art of marketing and communication.

So when “everyone” in the escort industry communicate that they have the best models, the best services, the best whatever, it’s not trustworthy. Everyone can’t have the best “*”.

First of all, studies have long time ago established the fact that bragging about company accomplichments, your products, or other essentials related to the company, have little to no impact on any target group. However, when told by users the trustworthy can sky rocket. An example is when a company is using product reviews written by customers that also permit that their name and an facial image are used to confirm the review.

There are numerous examples of briliant campaigns where the brand actually kind of brag about what they have accomplished in a trustworthy way, and not only get away with it, but also profit generously because the campaign are so brilliantly executed by a advertising agency experts in brand communication.

Rolls Royce did it in a 60’s campaign where they under an image showing the interior of a Rolls, stated that the only thing one can hear when driving in 60 mph is the sound of the Quartz. Shell did it when asking; “how would you feel if someone dug up this beautiful landscape to put oil pipes into the ground”? The heading under a beautiful scenery photo then stated; “We already did”. 

This is text book examples of brand communication on a very high level that at the time it was executed, contributed in creating a stronger brand as well as a lot of positive feelings for those brands.

Exclusive escorting includes many aspects of being with another human, bonding and creating some sort of unique relationships. Each model are unique and so are their services. This fact alone can open for a host of possibilities when it comes to tell stories and focus on aspects that differentiate one brand from another.

Our services at your disposals

The Escort Magazine offer a unique marketing platform for high end brands interested in reaching exclusive escorts or the market they are operating in.

Our variaty of ad modules, placement opportunities, and large ad sizes, gives advertisers an exellent room to manoeuvre their brand communication. If you would like us to help out with designing your brand messaging, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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