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Guidelines for onboarding our platform

To maintain the high standards of sophistication and luxury that define our platform, we have specific rules for the images we showcase. These guidelines are the foundation of our reputation and a strong partnership with valued advertisers, who play a crucial role in our success in the world wide upscale market.

Prerequisite for onboarding

  • Your agency offers exclusive companion services to discerning clients, with rates starting at a minimum of €600 per hour. Exceptions are granted for companions who have recently joined the elite agency’s portfolio and are on a trajectory towards higher rates in the future.

Prior to onboarding

For a seamless onboarding experience, make sure to familiarize yourself with our image standards outlined below. This ensures that your profile aligns with our platform’s aesthetic and reaches the right audience effectively.

We accept only images in high-resolution, large format, allowing for an unrivaled visual experience.

Explicit imagery is not permitted. We also refrain from publishing images featuring visible intimate parts. This stringent approach aligns with the elevated standards our advertisement platform rigorously maintains.

Your privacy is not merely a consideration; it is a cornerstone of our ethos. We fully comprehend the paramount necessity of facial anonymity, particularly for our elite models who navigate social landscapes where discretion is of the utmost importance. Rest assured, upon request we will never publish any images that reveal a full, recognizable face, safeguarding your identity and ensuring your peace of mind.

We aim to avoid using blurring as a technique to conceal faces, as it can often appear amateurish and unprofessional. Instead, we recommend employing alternative techniques such as strategic cropping or adding stylish overlays. These methods help preserve the model’s privacy while maintaining a visually appealing presentation. If you have any uncertainties, please do not hesitate to consult with us on this matter, or you can entrust the concealing entirely to our expertise.

Feel free to reach out to us via email for such consultations:

Watermarked images are antithetical to our commitment to visual purity and are mostly summarily disallowed if not very discretely positioned.

If you have reservations about publishing images without watermarks, please do not hesitate to contact us via email for a consultation:

In the realm of elite companionship, presentation is paramount. While selfies may work for more casual settings, they may not always convey the level of sophistication and professionalism expected in this arena.

However, the “right kind” of selfie, one that is tastefully done and thoughtfully presented, could potentially fit within a broader portfolio of images. But generally speaking, professional photos will almost always provide a higher level of quality and detail, enhancing your overall brand image. So, while selfies do not necessarily receive a clear “no,” they should be used strategically and sparingly. 

Onboarding in three easy steps

Our overarching objective is to serve as a premiere ambassador for elite brands while maintaining the utmost professionalism in our interactions with the industry’s discerning clientele. 

In line with this commitment, we hold every element, whether it be textual content, images, videos, or any other forms of representation intended for the promotion of our own brand, our advertisers, or otherwise, to the highest standards of quality. 

In light of this, we kindly request your vigilant consideration when selecting and sending images for use in advertisements, galleries, feature pages, or any other promotional endeavors. By upholding these standards, we ensure that our platform consistently reflects the excellence we and our partners stand for. 

We highly recommend providing us with RAW files, which we can process in Lightroom to achieve the utmost quality, clarity, and sharpness. 

However, if you choose to send us pre-processed files (jpg’s), please ensure that they are minimally compressed and provided in the largest physical format available (please target 1920 px wide). Our team will then handle the necessary adjustments to ensure that the images meet the required format and maintain exceptional quality, allowing viewers to appreciate the finest details. Please be aware that there are no costs associated with this.

  • Name all your image files with companion and/or agency name.
  • Use, click ‘Add files’ and select your images. Send them to
  • Click “Send”.

Once your profile text has been meticulously crafted and is ready for submission, kindly forward it to the designated email address:

IMPORTANT: Please include your agency name in the email subject line for easy identification.

As a source of general inspiration for your own personalized content. examplary feature page

In exchange for this complimentary promotional opportunity, we kindly solicit the inclusion of a ‘dofollow’ backlink directed towards our esteemed publication. You may select from our curated assortment of readily available banner advertisements or use a text link.

Illustrations of image quality that depict the standard we aim to uphold on this platform.


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