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Onboarding The Escort Magazine

Three easy steps to access complimentary advertising opportunities, free of charge throughout 2024.

Until our automated account-creation system is live, kindly adhere to the provided guidelines and take advantage of our complimentary promotional offerings.

  • Name all your image files with your companion name and a number. your-name-01.jpg and so on.
  • Submit large format and high resolution jpg images.
  • Use, click ‘Add files’ and select your images. Send them to
  • Click “Send”. 

Once your profile text has been meticulously crafted and is ready for submission, kindly forward it to the designated email address:

REMEMBER: Please include your companion name in the email subject line for easy identification.

IMPORTANT: We do not disclose rates or content related to sexual services.

For further guidance on crafting your profile text, we recommend viewing our examplary feature page as a source of inspiration for your own personalized content.

In exchange for this complimentary promotional opportunity, we kindly solicit the inclusion of a ‘dofollow’ backlink directed towards our esteemed publication. You may select from our curated assortment of readily available banner advertisements.
Download the full PDF-presentation



  1. Access to a platform meticulously curated for elite companions.
  2. A unique, beautiful, and distinguished feature page: Explore an examplary feature page. Your feature page will be optimized for your brand name, making it visible on Google and eligible for organic searches.
  3. A premium advertisement placed on our high-class gallery page.
  4. A supreme elite gallery placement if your rates exceeds €/£/$500
  5. A premium advertisement placed in the cover rotation gallery.
  6. The opportunity to publish your own articles with links to your personal website.

As The Magazine is currently in a dynamic growth phase, our primary focus is on expanding our visitor base to a level that would truly benefit our advertisers.

During this exciting period of growth, we are pleased to extend complimentary access to our advertising tools, and we anticipate this offering will remain in effect throughout 2024. Our unwavering commitment to providing complimentary advertising opportunities will persist until we reach the critical mass of visitors we are striving for.

Additionally, we encourage our valued advertisers to recognize the unique advantage of our growth phase. While we work diligently to expand our visitor base, it is important to note that all your promotional activities, during this period of complimentary advertising, receive exposure to our existing and evolving audience. This means that your brand and offerings have the potential to attract business from our visitors every day as we continue to expand our reach.throughout

Yes, all we ask in exchange for this complimentary promotional opportunity is the inclusion of a ‘dofollow’ backlink directed towards our esteemed publication. You may select from our curated assortment of readily available banner advertisements.

We will only introduce paid advertising options when our platform garners sufficient traffic to justify such a transition. It is important to underline that there are absolutely no strings or financial commitments attached to our complimentary advertising offer. Should you wish to discontinue your involvement, you are free to delete your account at any time, no questions asked.

As we approach the final stages of implementing an advanced automated account-creation feature, we are refining our platform to offer you even greater functionality. Upon its release, our team will oversee the manual migration of all existing accounts to this enhanced system.

In an effort to streamline this transition, we are limiting the number of active advertisers during this period. The silver lining? Those who secure a spot in this select group will benefit from complimentary advertising extending well into 2024. No hidden commitments. Seize this unparalleled opportunity today.

As we eagerly anticipate the formal inauguration of our registration proceedings, slated for early in the 2024, we extend an invitation to prospective advertisers to preemptively secure their coveted positions.

Due to the finite number of complimentary advertisement slots available, astute action is recommended. To this end, we encourage you to submit a selection of gallery-worthy photographs of superior quality. 

  • Our platform is exclusively tailored for high-class brands and discerning affluent clientele.
  • Our in-house expert boasts over 15 years of proven SEO experience.
  • Our team is laser-focused on ramping up traffic that boosts your business. That is why we are offering you complimentary advertising until we hit our ambitious volume targets, throughout 2024.

As we’re scaling up, your exclusive, cost-free ad and feature page is shown to discerning clients every single day.

Illustrations of image quality that depict the standard we aim to uphold on this platform.

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