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How escorts screening clients

How escorts are screening clients

High-end escorts don’t just see any client knocking on their door, so you can consider yourself lucky when you succeed with the booking.

Selective for a reason

A high-end escort would most certainly screen potential clients before any meeting are agreed. Quite understandable, because there are many crazy people out there. That said, fortunately, there few serious incidents involving violence, assault or rape.

What is screening

High class escorts usually do a screening of potential clients. It is a selection process that have some simple goals. Gain data about the client before agreeing to meet for the purpose of safety and sanity.

Some people are dangerous, some are just timewasters. The dangerous ones are luckily in minority, but there are enough of them to make London escorts or any other city cautious.

So, escorts are screening to weed out clients that could be dangerous, a waste of time, difficult to handle or even underage. We have no escorts to lose!

A screening protocol can in itself be a criterion for accepting a new client. Elaborate screening steps can indicate that the clients mean serious business, when the steps are done without any hesitation or questions.

Different screening criteria

Screening criteria can differ for every service provider. A brief telephone call is sometimes what it takes. The escort will listen to the potential client’s language, and how respectful they are.

Sometimes escorts will ask for a deposit, just to make sure that the client have the money, and also are so interested and determined to meet that he willingly pays up. 

If it is an outcall situation, the escorts most likely will ask for your full name, the hotel name and room number. Expect that this will be confirmed again by her calling the hotel. The escorts might also ask the client to call her from the room.

Expect that the typical screening criteria could be different in different cities and also in different cultures. Don’t be surprised to be asked for a link to a social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook, a work email address or some sort of ID. It is up to the client to give up personal information, and it is up to the escort to decline the client.

Ethnicity are also a screening factor. Some escorts do not meet clients that origin from certain parts of the world, some set limitations on the clients age or occupations.

Screening is always a balance between a healthy lookout for the escorts own safety and getting business. When this formality is over and done with, you both may enjoy the reasons for meeting.

Escorts are networking

It is common for escorts to share information about clients other should be aware of, or even stay away from. Such information is shared both on dedicated sites for the purpose of communicate clients bad for business to others, but also directly between escort Agencies.

It's also about gut feeling and intuition

In general, most escorts working in big cities, have a good intuition and gut feeling. It’s said that woman is good to read people, maybe that’s why the screening works so well for most escorts.

No escort consider money more important than her safety, and that’s how successful escorts operate. 

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