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Bratislavian High Class Companion

A LUXURIOUS GirlFriend Experience

for your mind, body & soul!


Well-traveled, well-spoken "girlfriend"
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I expertly craft experiences that are designed to leave you with a radiant post-date glow, while simultaneously igniting a persistent longing for more.

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I offer a luxurious girlfriend experience for the mind, body & soul! Every escapade with me will remain an unforgettable adventure.

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If quality connection is something you prioritise in life, then you have found the ideal companion for you.

I travel worldwide

Do you remember?

Do you recall the thrill of your early teenage crushes? Sweaty palms, a fluttering stomach, and heartbeats that seemed to skip with excitement. Your words would tumble out nonsensically. In the classroom, your mind would wander, captivated by her sweet-scented hair, her playful grin, and her flawless figure. Now, picture being able to once again attain a sense of complete fulfillment and satisfy your unending craving for pleasure.

Get a Bratislavian treat


Let me take care of you

Are you so busy with work that you also forget to live a little as well? Let me help you get your mind on other things. Let’s forget traditional mindset and the world around us, and try something new. I can be your classy lady, or I can be something quite different. I let you decide and look forward to your decision.

genuine, and lots of fun

Ensuring that each escapade with me becomes a memorable adventure.

Everything I do is underscored by my zest for life: I thrive on adventure and narrative, taking immense pleasure in experiencing as much of life as possible – come, allow me to share that joy with you. Let my flirtatious sensuality as a companion seduce you and take you on a journey into the unknown, enjoying all the delicious certainties a woman of my capabilities has to offer. 


the art of intimacy


Age: 29
Height / weight: 165 cm / 52 kg
Measurements / body: 87-62-89 / petite
Bra: 75 B
Confection size: 34 / 36
Eyes / hair: Brown-green / brown
Tattoo / Piercing: No
City / Ethnicity: Bratislava / European caucasian
Languages: English, Slovak
Orientation: Bisexual
Availabilty: Bratislava, Vienna, Worldwide
Cuisine: Italian, French, Italien
Wardrobe: feminine-elegant to casual-chic to sexy-sporty, depending on the occasion and mood
Perfume: Lanvin, Éclat d’Arpège, Dior (Addict), Atelier des Fleurs Vanilla Planifolia (Chloé)
Particularities: Beautiful face with a sunrise smile
Interests: Painting, nature, fashion design, horse riding, langages, cooking, health

I cannot waith to hear from you

Love, Laurine

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