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Full time SEO expert | The Escort Magazine

We have a full time working SEO/WEB expert

The escort industry is extremely competition intense and requires that a lot of effort are invested in SEO at server level, at webpage level, and in our content production. It requires that our organization at all time are fully updated and able and ready to invest a high amount of time and resources into what it takes to be visible in relevant search engine searches.

Mastering SEO is fundamental for a business

If you can’t be found you will loose or at least have less business. But’s it’s more to it than being found in Google searches because of professional SEO-ing.

Making it to the first result page on Google is merely a first step. If people don’t click on your snippets you will not have the ROI from all the SEO-work you have invested in. And finally, the most important step of them all. Creating a webpage that convert visitors into valuable clients. Knowing how to achieve high conversion rates is extremely important for any business growth.

Many tries their best to accomplish this but fall short due to incompetency and by using old fashioned seo-tricks. Nowadays you must keep up with Googles algorithms and everchanging and increasingly advanced rules Google and other search engines apply and that online businesses must comply with to be found. And the most important thing, you must invest the time needed to optimize the site, every day.

Therefore, professional SEO practising have a fundamental place in our organization. As we grow, so will the manpower concerned with this line of work. Already we have a SEO-expert working full time with analysis, reporting and practical SEO-work so that we can perform the best way possible.

This important part of our focus will impact the business results of our advertisers as well. We have a vast archive of keywords that we will put into use when we optimize our content, and we know exactly how difficult or easy it will be for us to reach the first result page with Google for each and one of them. We know how much traffic we can expect from them, and we can estimate traffic volumes for every page on our site. 

Furthermore, we can see who backlinks to every page on any escort agency page, escort directory, escort listing page, or to any personal escort website. We can see what keyword all these players are using and how they rank for each and one of them.  We have access to huge library of internet related information of everyone in this and any other industry, and we have a strategy for how to use this information to grow traffic volumes.

We know we will generate huge traffic volumes that greatly will benefit every advertiser using our marketing programs.


Google is for sure important if one want to constantly have new and relevant visitors converted to newbiz. But Google is only one of many sources that can supply us with discerned visitors.

Social media is of course another source, but however the strenght different social media platforms can offer a marketing officer, this is not sufficient for us to connect to the heavy players in the market.

We have a strategy for networking, but this is all part of our planned marketing efforts not available for anyone else. Networking is the essential and fundamental activity needed to reach our ultimate goals, and again, something any advertisers of ours will benefit from.

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