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Friendly escorts

Some men are confused by friendly escorts and think there is more to it than it is.

Men often confuse a female’s friendliness with sexual interest and desire. Even when he has paid for it, he may be confused by the signals. Be prepared for the pleasures and positive attention that awaits, with beautiful and friendly escorts doing their job professionally. But that is what it is!

What is the purpose of buying an escorts time?

What is the purpose of buying an escorts time?

If you are looking for a partner, an actual girlfriend that you may marry someday, the escort business is not the place to start looking. The fact that some men think there can be something more than a business relation between him and the escort, are really nothing else than a sign of here doing the job extremely well.

Have you seen the movie dumb and dumber from 1994, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels? There is scene that in a wonderful way promote the man’s brain. 

The movie tells the story of the two dumb friends Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels). They are two lovely and well-meaning guys from Rhode Island, who set out on a cross-country trip to Aspen, Colorado, to return a briefcase full of money to its owner. They believe that the briefcase was abandoned by mistake but was left as ransom money. 

Of course, a beautiful woman was involved, and in one of the final scenes, Lloyd (Carrey) ask the gorgeous looking woman if there is a chance for them getting together as a couple. He is deeply in love with her. The woman promptly answers, not one chance in a million. Lloyd look at her for many seconds with a serious face, before he finally cracks up with a big smile, and says, So there in a chance. 

Many men interpret friendliness as a signal for more than it is. It does not matter if it is an escort, or in a regular dating situation, or on a pub. If a female smile to a man, he is rather quick to make sexual plans for that evening. It is like, she smiles to me, ergo she wants me.

Friendly escorts

Do not ruin a perfect storm - it will pass

Professional and friendly escorts are trained to pamper their clients beyond their wildest dreams and fantasies. They create this wonderful storm that makes you wonder what hit you, when you are lying in the bed totally exhausted but with a grin on your smug face. But the moment will come to an end, and she will leave you. Most escorts are professionals that like doing this with friendly and nice gentlemen, willing to pay well for her time. 

She likes him giving her compliments, giving her small gifts, having intelligent conversations, and she makes him happy for choosing her as a companion for this special evening.

The fact that she likes a clients and are willing to go to the moon and back to make him so happy that he will return, must not be confused with seeing a client as a future partner or something like that. This is what we call, taking care of retention. As in any other business, an escort must do the job so well that her clients return for her services.

If you as a client experience such a moment, the one where you in a split second got the feeling of her liking you as more than a client, lean back and think to yourself. My god, this one is a good one. Enjoy the ride! Do not ruin the evening and the opportunity to meet her again. Shut it – just love the experience you have! This is memory making at a high level.

The regulars that starts developing feelings for the friendly escorts

Visiting an escort several times are destined to develop some sort of personal communication and friendliness between the two. The man, the client, may experience the company of a warm and welcoming, beautiful, funny, and extremely likeably woman, and misinterpret the whole situation. 

She indeed looks and act as the girlfriend he has paid for.  But he forgets that this experience is exactly that, a paid for experience, were she wants to do her outmost to give him a great return on the investment.

She is not the local social office

Often, when this emotional tie starts showing, personal information also starts to pour out of the gentleman’s troubled mind. A bad relationship, crazy kids, a criminal son, lost money on a bad investment, lost his job. The problems are endless, and he need to tell the escort all of it.

Please mister. You got it all wrong. You may spend the time as you wish with beautiful and friendly escorts, but don’t expect that she finds this type of companionship particular interesting. This is a type of conversation that only escalate the good mood and atmosphere in a wrong direction. It is not her job to be your local social office taking care of your problems.

Personal confessions have nothing to do in the company of an escort. She really does not want to relate to others personal problems, and please do not think that she will, just because she is friendly. Of course, she is friendly, it’s her job and a part of her professional mindset, and friendly, warm, sexy, and welcoming is what she wants to be for you. Again. Enjoy her company, live your dreams and fantasies, and forget all the problems out there.

You should look for the friendly escorts where chemistry say DONG

The better chemistry, the more likely it is that you get knocked out of her ability to give you the best experience. Professional London escorts are just gorgeous and easy going, but you still need to do some research to find the woman that really fit your own personality, and that meets your desire, wishes and fantasies 100%.

It is like regular dating. Everyone that has been looking for a partner in life, know that it takes a lot of dating before you hit the jackpot.

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