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Free advertising to the end of 2023

Independent elite escorts and agencies are offered FREE advertising to the end of 2023.

Anyone operating in the high-end escort market wants to be treated as the valuable brand they are. The Escort Magazine dedicates its resources to facilitate a platform precisely to that purpose. We offer a high-end platform for the elite of independent escorts and clients looking for their services.


  1. Free advertisements to the end of 2023 are open to elite independent escorts under the following conditions:
    a.) You offer a professional and exclusive companion services to your clientele.
    b.) You own a professional personal web page with high quality images/content.
  2. All advertisers must offer a dofollow backlink in return to gain access to our platform. Please use a text link or one of our banner ads found here.
  3. We ask for a £30 for escorts/£60 for agencies admin fee, for the manuel work we do for your business. 

What we offer elite independent escorts

  1. Gallery advertisement – visit the exclusive London escorts page to see how an gallery ad look like.
  2. One featured page. Visit our sample featured page to see how it would look like and use it as an inspiration for your own set-up when you write your text. We will manually set it up for you when you have sent us your personal information and images.

You will find more information about the advertising opportunities that we offer here.

What we offer elite escort agencies

  1. Gallery agency brand advertisement – visit the elite agency gallery page page to see how an gallery ad look like.
  2. One featured page at brand level, presenting your brand and some of the elite companions you represent. You may send us 15 images – see details under the registration process.
  3. One “industry news” story. We position industry news either on the front page or on the gallery page for agencies. See a sample of an industry news story on the elite agency gallery page.

You will find more information about the advertising opportunities we offer here.

The registration process


Fill out the form

This registration entitles you to have free gallery advertiement without any cost or other commitments to the end of 2023. 


Admin fee

For escorts: Only an $30 admin fee applies to cover the manual setup of your featured page and gallery ad.

For agencies: Only an £60 admin fee applies to cover the manual setup of your featured brand page, news story, and gallery brand ad.

When the fee is paid, we will produce the ad and featured page as soon as we are able. We ask for some patience because it is a manual labour.


Image transfer - maximum 15 images

  1. The best option is to send us RAW format (original format the images was taken with)  – high resolution. However, as a minimum, send us 1920px wide images in portrait format, or 1380px in landscape format. Read our image rules page carefully. We ask for, and will only publish, images with a high technical quality. You can read our image rules here.
  2. Name the image you want to use on the gallery page with: Your “companion name” + “gallery”. F.i.: Kelly-Brown-gallery.
  3. Name the image you want to use as a “main image” – placed on the top of your featured page with: Your “companion name” + “main”. F.i.: Kelly-Brown-main.
  4. Name your images with your companion name.
  5. Use Wetransfer to send us your images. It is free up to 2GB file size. Name the zip file with your companion name.


Start registering for your free advertising.

* = Required

Why are you not using an automated process for registrating and image uploading?

Simply because we want each featured page to be as beautiful as possible. A well executed page will bring more business than a poorly constructed one. It should be inviting and informative, and our head designer will make sure that each word and each image are placed optimally throughout your page.

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