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A part of our mission statement is to further expand the worldwide market for exclusive escorts

The market for escorting is huge and of course a primary one for the magazine to tap into. However, there is a dremendous potensial to further expand the market for those who are offering their companionship services locally or internationally.

An industry with a huge potential for further growth, means more business for our advertisers as well

Businesses in most industries have a growth strategy that includes some sort of expansion in the market they are operating in. The escort industry is no exception.

We strongly believe that the escort industry has a huge potential to expand by targeting the group of men knowing nothing about, but that are receptive for communication related to exclusive companions and their world. Men that have a nose for the finer life, and that not are afraid to explore and set out for new adventures including those related to intimacy with professional companions when they learn more about this seductive business.

But it’s about more than what a finer life can offer. Also, intimacy is not all about sex. Companionship with a professional hold so much more. Being with an attentive, beautiful, educated, fun, sensual, seductive and mentally generous woman leave men with a sense of fulfilment and deep satisfaction. Something beyond achievable in most relationships lasted for some time if one were to compare. Bringing this message to men never experienced an exclusive escort, may trigger a desire to pursuit such memorable experiences.

Our strategy for reaching out to this target group in different countries and different cultures, are all about publishing content that are useful for them where they live and travel for business or pleasure. This strategy are supported by our solid expertise within SEO and optimizing content, our professional team writing and editing the content, as well as our network both inside and outside of the industry.

We are therefore confident that our magazine will contribute to this important goal for the industry as a whole, and for our advertisers as well as we will steadily increase the number of unique visitors.

Why expanding the market is realistic

Most men don’t see an escort for physical companionship alone; there are complex emotional aspects behind every reason.

The diversity of companionship services a client can have with an professional escort is unlike regular sex work, with escorts offering a range of different experiences, including the girlfriend experience (gfe), to be a travelling companion, an empathetic listener, or even someone to cuddle and watch a film.

Men crave emotional connection midst in a busy career, and that is one common reason for men to seek escort services. Long work hours and constantly travelling mean these career focussed men don’t have the time in their schedule to factor in a significant other but don’t want to do without the flirting and affection that comes with a meaningful relationship. It can be a lonely lifestyle but made all the more bearable with time with an escort.

All this and more, are all reasonns for men using escort services. Our article about why men use escorts explain this further.

The important thing for us and our advertisers as well, is that The Escort Magazine communicate to and attract those men who are candidates for wanting the company of a gorgeous and professional companion.


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