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Do you have what it takes to become an escort? | The Escort Magazine

Exclusive escorts, the few that really make it to the top. Do you have what it takes to become one of them?

Exclusive escorts are known to have an elevated and luxurious lifestyle. Have you ever thought of becoming an exclusive escort but have no idea what it takes to sustain this career? Let’s look at all the qualities you will need to create a lucrative and stable career in high-end escorting.

Exclusive escorts put in quite an effort to create a successful career

There are many reasons you might decide to become a exclusive escort. We also recommend you to read considerations before starting a career as an escort, but first, you must determine if you hold the right qualities.

Not everyone has what it takes to become an exclusive escort. Many women consider taking this career but don’t consider how physically and emotionally demanding the work is. Some see the endless champagne and expensive gifts but don’t realise elite escorting is like any other job.

Being a high-class escort takes commitment and hard work but a considerable amount of intelligence and empathy to sustain a career with all the benefits. You need to consider if you have what it takes to be an exclusive escort before securing your first clients, weigh out the pros and cons to decide whether or not you are fit to become an truly professional. Also you might consider if you have what it takes to create a profitable escorting business.

Exclusive escorts | do you have what it takes? | The Escort Magazine

You’re the boss in your exclusive escort business

Being a exclusive escort is running a business; if you want to work through a management service or remain independent, it is essential to consider if you will be capable of remaining business brained and keeping your brand polished.

There are so many benefits to working for yourself; deciding your work hours and balancing your other life commitments around your work are just some of them. But some people are not cut out for every aspect of running a business. Like any other business, it is important to keep track of your income and expenditure, ensure you maintain a schedule without conflicts and even remember a regular client’s birthday.

Many women take the revenue this kind of business can bring for granted without seeing the bigger picture. To ensure your business remains consistent, you need to maintain a reputable personal brand as much of your business depends on how you look. Maintaining your brand might call for you to keep your appearance at its best, follow good grooming practices, and exercise regularly to maintain the high energy levels the job requires. You should present yourself how you want to be perceived, that means always wearing clean, fashionable outfits and keeping manicured nails. It is worth investing in staple pieces for your wardrobe for the different occasions you will attend with clients.

Maintaining your brand might also mean establishing your online presence to stand out from the crowd. Building an online brand might start with creating your website and social media platforms. It is imperative to represent yourself accurately on these platforms to create the right image, so it’s a good idea to invest in some professional photographs or hire a writing service to write your website copy for you. Keeping your brand to a high standard will create the illusion of your persona for your client, encouraging them to keep coming back for more.

It is also essential to look after yourself by scheduling regular check-ups with your doctor, ensuring that you are safe and healthy. Keeping your health in mind not only keeps you safe but prevents you from taking any unexpected time off that could affect your income or client relationships.

Exclusive escort are surrounded by intelligent clients

As an exclusive escort, your clients will be professional and well-educated gentlemen who expect their companion to be their intellectual equal.

When providing the girlfriend experience, you will have to keep up with their conversation and slot into their world, especially when dining at Michelin Star restaurants or holidaying with them in Cannes. You don’t necessarily have to have several qualifications under your belt or a university degree. Still, you must keep up with current events and offer your opinions on intellectual subjects.

Why an exclusive escort need to be empathetic and strong

Exclusive escorts need to have the mental and emotional stability to work effectively with clients. Each client will have individual requirements, and you should adjust to different situations, especially ones that are emotionally demanding. You will often need to provide emotional support and an empathetic ear to those clients who are having a difficult time – be it in their personal or work life. Dealing with emotionally demanding situations like this requires a lot of inner strength and a compassionate attitude, as your client’s emotions can affect your mental health too.

Clients visit escorts for different reasons; some might be seeking the service of an escort because they struggle to attract a partner. You can read an article about why men use escorts here. In these situations, you might be providing a service to a client you don’t find sexually or romantically attractive. You must show these clients respect and refrain from laughing or reacting negatively to someone’s appearance. Reputation is everything, and word gets around fast.

Once you’ve built up a good reputation and a client list you are comfortable with, you don’t have to constantly be on the search for new clients. But be wary of the emotional connection you or your client might be feeling towards one another. There is a possibility that you might be attracted to your client, or vice versa, which should be addressed before continuing to see the client.

If he feels the same way, you and your client need to sit down and talk about it. Ignoring it will not make it go away, and your future as an escort depends on the result of a conversation you have with each other.” (Escort Rankings) It takes a strong person to handle the situation professionally, keeping in mind your career and personal goals – always putting yourself first in a vocation such as being an escort.

During your career as an escort, you will come across many kinds of clients; some of their behaviour might make you feel uncomfortable. For example, your client might request a service that you do not provide or become controlling during your time together. It is important to remain level-headed and firm in your handling of the situation, putting yourself first each step of the way. If you are considering if you have what it takes to become an escort, make sure you have the mental and emotional strength to deal with any uncomfortable situation you face.

Exclusive escorts | do you have what it takes? | The Escort Magazine

Exclusive escorts are playing the part as true professionals

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to become an exclusive escort. Ask yourself this; can you play a role and fill the gap your client has requested?

Being a professional escort requires flexibility and the ability to mould yourself into different situations. Each client has their own unique set of desires, which might see you providing an experience that you would not normally do in your day to day life, going on an incredibly expensive date, for example. It would help if you had the ability to convincingly fit into the life the client is living, from knowing which might require skilfully telling believable lies.

During your encounter, your client is the centre of your attention, and you should be able to use your actions to convince them they are the only person in your world. It might be difficult to pretend to be happy and always loving during the encounter, but you must remember that you provide a service during which your client is your main priority.

To get the repeat clients and to build a generous list of clients who appreciate your services and would not mind referring you to others who he knows, you have to be good with them or simply put, impress them” (UK National Escorting Association). However, you must remain strong enough to control the situation if your client begins to act in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Above all, can you provide the girlfriend experience and still get in the mood at the end of a long day? It is important that, if you cannot get in the mood, you can still perform in a manner that convinces a regular client to the contrary without them spotting the difference from times when you were feeling more receptive.

There is no need for acting classes, but the ability to pretend and convince your client that you are having a good time is an exclusive escort’s key trait. As long as you can remain focused on the client’s satisfaction at all times, regardless of your mood, you might have what it takes to be a exclusive escort.

An exclusive escort must have a thick skin

Like any other career path, the exclusive escort industry is very competitive and often comes with a lot of rejection. If you are considering if you have what it takes to become an escort, you must consider how you might deal with rejection, both personally and professionally.

There are many reasons a client might reject an escort or a specific service. Some will be within your control, and others might not. For example, a client might reject your service for reasons ranging from poor personal hygiene or for your physical appearance. Regardless of how you look, everyone in the industry will have their fair share of negative feedback, but it is how you decide to deal with your criticism. You may rarely hear negative comments directly from the client, but be prepared to read about your client’s experience on social media or escort forums and review pages.

Exclusive escorts in general needs to have a thick skin to deal with criticisms on their appearance; you must not take these comments to heart. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While you may not be attractive to one prospective client, there will be hundreds of men that will find you attractive and seek your services. Learn more in our article; What is more important for alluring escorts? Looks or personality?


Not everyone has what it takes to become an exclusive escort. Are you physically and emotionally prepared for what your clients might request? Being a professional has the potential to be one of the most mentally and physically demanding professions in the world.

By no means is it an easy job, and you will earn every penny you make. But, if you are naturally charming, empathetic, with a good head on your shoulders, then high end escorting might be a career worth pursuing. After all, who doesen’t want a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle as professional escorts tend to have.


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