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Elevate to an elite courtesan | The Escort Magazine

Elite escorts have a lifestyle and profession out of the extradordinary

It is the most challenging level of this profession, but can prove to be worth the effort when you are trained for matering the companionship with clients hiring only the top of the industry players.

Top traits of elite escorts | The Escort Magazine
Top traits of successful elite escorts
Why invest in an elite escort | The Escort Magazine
Why invest in elite escorts?
How to get clients back | The Escort Magazine
How to keep your clients coming back for more
How to set up as elite escort | The Escort Magazine
How to set up as an independent elite escort
The art of seduction
How to spice things up with your regulars
Increase your rates without losing your clients-234
Increase your rates without losing your clients
Eating healthy | The Escort Magazine
Eating healthy when touring keep you energetic

Away from home but not from healthy routines
- keep mind and body fit

Creating a routine for exercising and keeping fit is easy back home, sometimes a bit trickier when travelling to or with a client. Visit our health and fitness ection and learn how to stays fit no matter where you are in the world.

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Elite escorts | Keeping fit | The Escort Magazine
What type of seducer are you | The Escort Magazine

What type of seducer are you?

Being a professional seducer requires a deeper understanding of your inner qualities and strengths. What type of seducer are you? In the book The art of seduction, a bestseller by the American author Robert Greene, he separate seducers in nine different categories, where five of them all have distinct preferences and qualities relevant for females.

Elite Escort with style

Photos, your presentation, personal website, brand building, retention, and advertising. There are potensially a lot of money in this industry for the escorts with their head in the right place. Looks and body Рimportant of course, but there are indeed other areas of focus that also play important roles on your way to rich and fame.

Elite escorts and their choice of lingerie | The Escort Magazine

Are you just picking the latest lingerie fashion, or are you tailoring for your clients?

How important is it for the discerned clients that you reveal your gorgeous mind and body wrapped in the lates lingerie fashion?

We ask men and we talk to some of the popular brands escorts tend to prefer in their line of work.

How to keep regulars | The Escort Magazine
A client ask for a continuing arrangement, what do you do?
The elite escort's wardrobe
Popular brands among escorts
Elite escorts most preferred lingerie brands | The Escort Magazine
The most popular lingerie brands
This is how an elite escort pach a bag for an overnight stays | The Escort Magazine
How to pack your bag for an overnight booking
BEing digitale stylish | The Escort Magazine
Being digital stylish

Staying attractive means more than a gorgeous face and body. Your energy, attitude, and your ability to overcome challenges, can make your personality shine like a rare star.

Ask people for a definition of a person being attractive and you will receive a variaty of opinions. It is a subjective and personal matter. Some would define it as the right combination of smartness, good health, life style, life experience, good looking, ethnicity and age. At a deeper level we find that personal characteristics such as ability to listen, conversational skills, attitude, education, level of fitness, means quite a lot to other when they consider how attractive you are. In this section we will challenge your comfort zone, inspire you to adapt new skills, and broaden your scope of life and other people.

Challenge your comfort zone
Breathing exercises | The Escort Magazine
Breathing exercises gives lower pulse and a smarter brain
Mountain climbing | The Escort Magazine
Mountain climbing - leaves you with a sense of mastering life itself
Yoga give you mental and physical strenght