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Looking to start a career as an exclusive escort, just started up, or in need of business advice?

Consider reading these articles designed to help and inform so you can make the best decisions no matter what goals you have.


Choose your gallery photos with care

On average, most people will remember 80% of what they can see, but only 20% of what they read and when it comes to the composition and arrangement of your images, what potential customers can see is vital.


How professional escorts maintain their mental health and keep fit

Nothing influences a persons physical and mental capabilities more than a healthy lifestlye and maintaining a healthy a lifestyle is perhaps one of the most essential key’s to success for an elite escort.

Fit and health as | The Escort Magazine

Fitness for free

Fit and health as | The Escort Magazine

Mindfulness - a bridge between body and mind

Fit and health as | The Escort Magazine

Pampering yourself is extremely important

Fit and health as | The Escort Magazine

Personal trainers push you to your goals


Page views or unique visitors in directories? Its a big difference.

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Words matter | The Escort Magazine

Your choice of word is of great importance

The choice of words and the way a business express itself can make or break. So many take this too lightly and unfortunately also miss opportunities to grow their business. And remember:

“Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.” 

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” -Friedrich Nietzsche.

Writing is an art and shaping your message may not come easy. A strong text is something that needs attention, care, time, and maturation. It is the word your business choose that will determine how deep into the visitors brain you will reach, and how well you meet their desires, fantasies, and other wishes.

A professional elite escort Agency will never take light on this part of their presentation. 


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Search statistics

Monthly Google search volumes related to UK city + escorts. We use the variant with most traffic.

Birmingham escorts – 9800
Bolton escorts – 4500
Bournemouth escorts – 7000
Bradford escorts – 4900
Bristol escorts – 9500
Cardiff escorts – 6300

Cumbria escorts – 4300
Derry escorts – 11000
Dundee escorts – 7700
Edinburgh escorts – 11000
Escorts ireland – 5300
Glasgow escorts – 12000

Leeds escorts – 8300
Leicester escorts – 8600
Liverpool escorts – 8500
London escorts – 17000
Luton escorts – 5300
Manchester escorts – 8200

Newcastle escorts – 4500
Nottingham escorts – 4600
Plymouth escorts – 4000
Portsmouth escorts – 4800
Sheffield escorts – 11000
Swindon escorts – 10000