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Escort etiquette

Escort etiquette

There are a few ground rules, etiquette, that both are important and necessary to know about and follow. No successful companionship exists without some sort of boundaries, companionships with escorts are no exception.

Apply respect in your meetings

Every person on this planet would like to be treated with kindness and with respect, so please bring good manners to your escort. 

Negative remarks about the escort, her friends or career, are not uncommon. Some clients with this attitude are using the escorts services but are negative towards the escorts chosen way of living and feel strongly obligated to give that person negative remarks about it?! 

The chemistry between to persons can go south, even if the escort are professional. Are you looking for an enjoyable time, it takes an effort from both you as the client and the escorts to make the magic happen?

Conversation - a two way responsibility

Not there to waste time on talking. Well, too bad. For being able to communicate, and do it with enthusiasm, would most certainty make the experience even better. 

You are there to have a good time, aren’t you? Don’t let the escorts Carrie the conversation by herself. It’s takes two to tango. Both parties involved in this situation are equally responsible for the outcome of it.

It’s only a smart thing to be prepared, and this includes awareness of topics that should not be part of the conversations. 

Keep your wife, kids and family out of the conversation. Also keep any health problems, physically or mentally, to yourself. In general, don’t bring negative conversation themes with you. If you have problems in your life, who hasn’t, leave them with your doctor of psychologist. An escort is not your therapist!

Many clients are curious about the escorts work and ask a lot of questions. The escorts would appreciate if you didn’t ask those questions. You are there for one reason, and that is to have a great and memorable time. Do your best to understand what would make it so!


Do respect and understand and appreciate that any escort would prefer and even demand, that the client is fresh and clean.

Maybe you already did some thoroughly hygiene rituals back home, but please accept to freshen up in the shower again if offered by the escorts.

The fee

You have booked the escorts time, make sure that the payment is done within the first 5 minutes of your meetings. Mostly, an escort prefer the payment done discreetly, in a blank envelope placed noticeably for the Escort to see.

Don’t let the Escort prompt you for the payment, it’s just annoying and not a good start of something supposed to be enjoyable.

On time!

You have booked the escorts time – be there on time. Don’t expect the Escort to give you extra ten minutes if your bus was too late, or if you got stuck in a traffic jam! It’s not the escorts problem if you didn’t leave home early enough to make it on time.

The escorts are running a business, and his or hero’s income are based on clients that actually shows up. No-shows are lost income. Would you like that some stranger made you lose income?

If you are late, no matter reason, it will just make the whole experience stressful and less enjoyable. If something happens on your way to the Escort, have the courtesy to let the Escort know about it, while you are struggling your way to the appointment. 

If not, the Escort start wondering if you are coming or not, and it naturally a frustration that could affect the experience when you finally show up.

It is your responsibility to take careful note to direction that are given. And by all means, don’t ring neighbours’ doorbells.

Alcohol and drugs

Do not show up influenced on alcohol or any other drug! Do not bring drugs or alcohol. Do not expect to be served alcohol or drugs. 

Again, you are there to have a good time, but the escorts will take care of that, no other substances. If you plan to drink alcohol, do it in moderate quantities.

Accept questions

You may experience that an Escort ask questions to verify that you are genuine. Please read the information on the escorts profile page, so that you are informed regarding fees and other arrangements that may apply to the services.

The Escort are not your "babe"

Again, respect. Don’t call the Escort darling, babe or something else. He or she has a name, that’s it! 

Also, introduce yourself by name so the Escort don’t have to prompt you for it. 

Book the appoinment - don't ask questions

When you are booking the escorts, do only that. Refrain from asking question of sexual nature! It could be illegal in the country you are in and is nevertheless something an Escort are not discussing on the phone.

Also, don’t negotiate the price. It’s fixed and discounts are nothing you should bring up for discussion. This is not a market were negotiating prices are both common and welcomed.

You are booking time, not someones life

Entering an escorts apartment to enjoy their services whatever that would be, you do not have the right to overstep the escorts boundaries. 

You are not given the right to expose that individual to sarcasm, violence, rough treatment, verbally or other ways of abuse!

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