Why should you invest in an escort?

Why invest in an escort | The Escort Magazine

Why should you invest in an escort?

If you are thinking of hiring an escort for the first time, it can be challenging to make the first step. This article will help you decide whether investing in escort services is right for you.

Find out whether investing in an escort is right for you.

Investing in an escort for the first time can be daunting, and you may be unsure whether you should invest your time and money in one. You might be worried about potential legal or reputational risks involved, uncertain about the value of escort services, or feel you lack knowledge about what options are available to you.

This article aims to help you navigate this uncertainty to decide whether investing in an escort is right for you.

What is an escort?

Escorts specialise in providing company, intimacy and fun to clients without the stressful commitments that a long-term relationship requires. They can also help ease stress, alleviate boredom and fulfil your long-nurtured fantasies. Hiring an escort does not have to be about sexual favours – in fact, unlike prostitutes, they are primarily employed for their social skills to attend social events.

In modern life, it can be hard to have genuine, meaningful experiences with others. For many career-focused professional men, long hours and constant travelling can mean that they do not have the time for a significant other. And yet, it can be hard to find a substitute for the kind of affection and intimacy that a meaningful relationship can provide. Such relationships can also offer an outlet for the tension and pressures of daily life, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Escorts provide a way to experience genuine companionship with another human being. They can help you relax, depressurise, and express yourself in a way that you may not have thought you were capable of. A high-class escort service, at its best, is more than just sex. It is healing for your mind and your body.

You can even hire an escort to accompany you on a night out. Taking a beautiful, intelligent date to an important social function is ideal for wowing your peers. Plus, your escort will be there to offer witty, engaging conversation and helping you leave a lasting impression, eliminating any risk of awkwardness.

Is hiring an escort for me?

If you are considering hiring an escort, you are in good company. Statistically speaking, the average person who hires an escort is a respectable, free-thinking professional who understands that hiring an escort is an investment in their wellbeing.

According to one 2018 study published in the Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 12% of British men between age 20 and 74 – that’s around one in eight – have paid for an escort before. This rate has also more than doubled in recent decades, from only one in twenty in 1990.

Gentlemen who hire escorts are also more likely to be middle class with medium to medium-high incomes of between £30,000 to £50,000 per year and have an average of 33 sexual partners – two-and-a-half times more than men who do not.

That means that modern escorts tend to offer premium services for upstanding, professional clientele. Escorts are also typically well-educated, with one 2015 survey by Leeds University and the Welcome Trust finding that over a third of UK sex workers have university degrees. That means that your escort is more likely to be an intelligent and sophisticated professional like you, with a similar background and values.

What’s more, contrary to popular belief hiring an independent escort is legal in the UK. In fact, according to a survey of 100 countries by World Population Review, escort work is fully legal in 53 countries and legal with some restrictions in a further 12. However, it is still worth checking the legal status of escorting within your country before arranging a meeting. Worth reading; Escorts and the law.

Why invest in an escort | The Escort Magazine

The girlfriend experience

Because escorts are primarily provide a real emotional connections, it is no surprise that one of the most popular premium escort services on offer is the girlfriend experiences or GFE.

The girlfriend experience takes many of the things you might expect from your classic escort service – companionship, intimacy, an outlet from the stresses of daily life – and expands them to their logical conclusion.

Escorts who offer this service specialise in building a genuine connection with you beyond what is possible through casual one-off encounters. Take that long walk along the beach; share a meal; exchange texts and photos late into the night and get to know your new ‘girlfriend’.

If you are away from home in a strange city on a business trip, a GFE can also be the best way to enjoy all that your new surroundings have to offer. Your escort can take you to all their favourite hot spots for your night on the town and share all their local knowledge and fascinating local culture with you.

If you are planning to go on holiday, you could hire your escort to jet off with you to the Bahamas or the south of France for a week or a month.

Girlfriend experiences can also be the perfect way to experience the passion of a relationship if you don’t feel ready to make a long-term commitment. Perhaps your hectic lifestyle has left you with too little time to commit, or you are not prepared to enter another serious relationship but miss the feeling of being loved.

Maybe you struggle with a health condition that makes dating difficult, but you still want to experience those feelings of caring and intimacy again. GFE experiences specialise in giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling of a new romance without the stress.

Explore new kinks

Although hiring an escort is not ‘just about sex, most escorts provide a range of services to help you explore your sexuality, with even casual escort encounters often offering the chance to indulge in a night of sensuality. Some escorts offer a range of general sexual services, while others specialise in specific kinks such as BDSM, roleplay or group sex.

No matter what you are into, you can usually find an escort who shares your interests, so long as it is safe, sane and consensual. Plus, if you are trying something for the first time, it can be comforting to know that your escort knows what they are doing.

If you are someone with a lot of sexual desires, it can be hard to express that openly in modern life. As much as we would like to believe that we live in a free and open society, it’s easy to worry that people will criticise or judge you or that your reputation could be hurt if you are open about your sexuality. If you have spent a lifetime building your workup, it can be all too easy to feel vulnerable, and if you have an uncommon sexual preference or kink, it can be even harder.

Escorts can offer an outlet for those secret desires without fear of judgement and with a high level of discretion, enabling you can feel safe and secure. However, be sure to talk to your escort before your meeting to make sure that they know what you had in mind.

Spice up your long-term relationship

Even if you’re in a committed relationship, escorts could bring something new into your sex life. Many clients choose to hire an escort to bring back a sense of adventure or try something new, such as group sex.

Escorts give you the chance to bring a certain frisson into the bedroom without having to worry about the usual problems of getting a third party into the mix. There is no need to worry about jealousy or attachment or whether they will be willing to go along with whatever you have in mind. Instead, escorts let you keep things simple so you can keep the spice in your love life without the hassle.

However, suppose you are considering hiring an escort to add a new dynamic to your relationship with a long-term partner. In that case, it is important to make sure that you talk things through with your significant other to make sure they are comfortable bringing a third party into the mix.

What to do next?

If you are now convinced that investing in an escort is right for you, it is time to start searching. Just as with any service, it is important to do your research and read reviews to make sure you get what you are paying for.

Many high-class escorts and escort agencies have their websites that tell you what they’re like and how to get in touch. You can also find a range of beautiful escorts and premium escort agencies here on The Escort Magazine through our Elite Escort Agencies directory and VIP escorts gallery.

Plus, check out our guides on what to do and not do when meeting with your escort, including how to get in her good books, overcome any language barriers, and work with your escort to get the best experience possible.

Above all, make sure you talk with your escort before any potential meetings and ensure that you know what is expected of each other.


  • One in eight British men have hired an escort, and hiring escorts is broadly legal in many countries.
  • Escorts have high social skills and are primarily hired to attend social events and offer more intimate or specialised services.
  • Girlfriend Experiences are a popular escort service that can offer an enjoyable alternative to a long-term relationship for those unable to commit to one.
  • Make sure to research potential escorts before any meeting is arranged and communicate what is expected from them to avoid confusion.

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Expanding the high-end escort market worldwide

Expand worldwide | The Escort Magazine

A part of our mission statement is to further expand the worldwide market for exclusive escorts

The market for escorting is huge and of course a primary one for the magazine to tap into. However, there is a dremendous potensial to further expand the market for those who are offering their companionship services locally or internationally.

An industry with a huge potential for further growth, means more business for our advertisers as well

Businesses in most industries have a growth strategy that includes some sort of expansion in the market they are operating in. The escort industry is no exception.

We strongly believe that the escort industry has a huge potential to expand by targeting the group of men knowing nothing about, but that are receptive for communication related to exclusive companions and their world. Men that have a nose for the finer life, and that not are afraid to explore and set out for new adventures including those related to intimacy with professional companions when they learn more about this seductive business.

But it’s about more than what a finer life can offer. Also, intimacy is not all about sex. Companionship with a professional hold so much more. Being with an attentive, beautiful, educated, fun, sensual, seductive and mentally generous woman leave men with a sense of fulfilment and deep satisfaction. Something beyond achievable in most relationships lasted for some time if one were to compare. Bringing this message to men never experienced an exclusive escort, may trigger a desire to pursuit such memorable experiences.

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We are therefore confident that our magazine will contribute to this important goal for the industry as a whole, and for our advertisers as well as we will steadily increase the number of unique visitors.

Why expanding the market is realistic

Most men don’t see an escort for physical companionship alone; there are complex emotional aspects behind every reason.

The diversity of companionship services a client can have with an professional escort is unlike regular sex work, with escorts offering a range of different experiences, including the girlfriend experience (gfe), to be a travelling companion, an empathetic listener, or even someone to cuddle and watch a film.

Men crave emotional connection midst in a busy career, and that is one common reason for men to seek escort services. Long work hours and constantly travelling mean these career focussed men don’t have the time in their schedule to factor in a significant other but don’t want to do without the flirting and affection that comes with a meaningful relationship. It can be a lonely lifestyle but made all the more bearable with time with an escort.

All this and more, are all reasonns for men using escort services. Our article about why men use escorts explain this further.

The important thing for us and our advertisers as well, is that The Escort Magazine communicate to and attract those men who are candidates for wanting the company of a gorgeous and professional companion.

Full time working SEO/WEB expert

Full time SEO expert | The Escort Magazine

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Treating high-end brands as such

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We work on an international arena

We travel for pleasure and business more than ever, so do exclusive companions. Our goal is to offer an exclusive marketing platform where both clients, escorts and other brands can share their communication and reach a worldwide audience.

As we grow, all the important markets will be a part of our archive of guides and articles, making sure that we share updated and actionable insight and advices to everyone visiting our magazine.

The selected few

Even considering this industry at a global level, it is actually quite few that are acknowledged as exclusive independents and agencies.

This small group of exclusives are our market and whom we want to service. It means that each and one of them will have the opportunity to come across to the rich and wealthy without competing with an incredible amount of noise found in traditional directories and listings. Having relatively few clients, we will make sure each and one of them are well taken care of, as the high-end brand they are.

She’s not your girlfriend

Friendly escorts

Some men are confused by friendly escorts and think there is more to it than it is.

Men often confuse a female’s friendliness with sexual interest and desire. Even when he has paid for it, he may be confused by the signals. Be prepared for the pleasures and positive attention that awaits, with beautiful and friendly escorts doing their job professionally. But that is what it is!

What is the purpose of buying an escorts time?

What is the purpose of buying an escorts time?

If you are looking for a partner, an actual girlfriend that you may marry someday, the escort business is not the place to start looking. The fact that some men think there can be something more than a business relation between him and the escort, are really nothing else than a sign of here doing the job extremely well.

Have you seen the movie dumb and dumber from 1994, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels? There is scene that in a wonderful way promote the man’s brain. 

The movie tells the story of the two dumb friends Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels). They are two lovely and well-meaning guys from Rhode Island, who set out on a cross-country trip to Aspen, Colorado, to return a briefcase full of money to its owner. They believe that the briefcase was abandoned by mistake but was left as ransom money. 

Of course, a beautiful woman was involved, and in one of the final scenes, Lloyd (Carrey) ask the gorgeous looking woman if there is a chance for them getting together as a couple. He is deeply in love with her. The woman promptly answers, not one chance in a million. Lloyd look at her for many seconds with a serious face, before he finally cracks up with a big smile, and says, So there in a chance. 

Many men interpret friendliness as a signal for more than it is. It does not matter if it is an escort, or in a regular dating situation, or on a pub. If a female smile to a man, he is rather quick to make sexual plans for that evening. It is like, she smiles to me, ergo she wants me.

Friendly escorts

Do not ruin a perfect storm - it will pass

Professional and friendly escorts are trained to pamper their clients beyond their wildest dreams and fantasies. They create this wonderful storm that makes you wonder what hit you, when you are lying in the bed totally exhausted but with a grin on your smug face. But the moment will come to an end, and she will leave you. Most escorts are professionals that like doing this with friendly and nice gentlemen, willing to pay well for her time. 

She likes him giving her compliments, giving her small gifts, having intelligent conversations, and she makes him happy for choosing her as a companion for this special evening.

The fact that she likes a clients and are willing to go to the moon and back to make him so happy that he will return, must not be confused with seeing a client as a future partner or something like that. This is what we call, taking care of retention. As in any other business, an escort must do the job so well that her clients return for her services.

If you as a client experience such a moment, the one where you in a split second got the feeling of her liking you as more than a client, lean back and think to yourself. My god, this one is a good one. Enjoy the ride! Do not ruin the evening and the opportunity to meet her again. Shut it – just love the experience you have! This is memory making at a high level.

The regulars that starts developing feelings for the friendly escorts

Visiting an escort several times are destined to develop some sort of personal communication and friendliness between the two. The man, the client, may experience the company of a warm and welcoming, beautiful, funny, and extremely likeably woman, and misinterpret the whole situation. 

She indeed looks and act as the girlfriend he has paid for.  But he forgets that this experience is exactly that, a paid for experience, were she wants to do her outmost to give him a great return on the investment.

She is not the local social office

Often, when this emotional tie starts showing, personal information also starts to pour out of the gentleman’s troubled mind. A bad relationship, crazy kids, a criminal son, lost money on a bad investment, lost his job. The problems are endless, and he need to tell the escort all of it.

Please mister. You got it all wrong. You may spend the time as you wish with beautiful and friendly escorts, but don’t expect that she finds this type of companionship particular interesting. This is a type of conversation that only escalate the good mood and atmosphere in a wrong direction. It is not her job to be your local social office taking care of your problems.

Personal confessions have nothing to do in the company of an escort. She really does not want to relate to others personal problems, and please do not think that she will, just because she is friendly. Of course, she is friendly, it’s her job and a part of her professional mindset, and friendly, warm, sexy, and welcoming is what she wants to be for you. Again. Enjoy her company, live your dreams and fantasies, and forget all the problems out there.

You should look for the friendly escorts where chemistry say DONG

The better chemistry, the more likely it is that you get knocked out of her ability to give you the best experience. Professional London escorts are just gorgeous and easy going, but you still need to do some research to find the woman that really fit your own personality, and that meets your desire, wishes and fantasies 100%.

It is like regular dating. Everyone that has been looking for a partner in life, know that it takes a lot of dating before you hit the jackpot.

ADs column

How Escorts are screening clients

How escorts screening clients

How escorts are screening clients

High-end escorts don’t just see any client knocking on their door, so you can consider yourself lucky when you succeed with the booking.

Selective for a reason

A high-end escort would most certainly screen potential clients before any meeting are agreed. Quite understandable, because there are many crazy people out there. That said, fortunately, there few serious incidents involving violence, assault or rape.

What is screening

High class escorts usually do a screening of potential clients. It is a selection process that have some simple goals. Gain data about the client before agreeing to meet for the purpose of safety and sanity.

Some people are dangerous, some are just timewasters. The dangerous ones are luckily in minority, but there are enough of them to make London escorts or any other city cautious.

So, escorts are screening to weed out clients that could be dangerous, a waste of time, difficult to handle or even underage. We have no escorts to lose!

A screening protocol can in itself be a criterion for accepting a new client. Elaborate screening steps can indicate that the clients mean serious business, when the steps are done without any hesitation or questions.

Different screening criteria

Screening criteria can differ for every service provider. A brief telephone call is sometimes what it takes. The escort will listen to the potential client’s language, and how respectful they are.

Sometimes escorts will ask for a deposit, just to make sure that the client have the money, and also are so interested and determined to meet that he willingly pays up. 

If it is an outcall situation, the escorts most likely will ask for your full name, the hotel name and room number. Expect that this will be confirmed again by her calling the hotel. The escorts might also ask the client to call her from the room.

Expect that the typical screening criteria could be different in different cities and also in different cultures. Don’t be surprised to be asked for a link to a social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook, a work email address or some sort of ID. It is up to the client to give up personal information, and it is up to the escort to decline the client.

Ethnicity are also a screening factor. Some escorts do not meet clients that origin from certain parts of the world, some set limitations on the clients age or occupations.

Screening is always a balance between a healthy lookout for the escorts own safety and getting business. When this formality is over and done with, you both may enjoy the reasons for meeting.

Escorts are networking

It is common for escorts to share information about clients other should be aware of, or even stay away from. Such information is shared both on dedicated sites for the purpose of communicate clients bad for business to others, but also directly between escort Agencies.

It's also about gut feeling and intuition

In general, most escorts working in big cities, have a good intuition and gut feeling. It’s said that woman is good to read people, maybe that’s why the screening works so well for most escorts.

No escort consider money more important than her safety, and that’s how successful escorts operate. 

ADs column

Escort Etiquette

Escort etiquette

Escort etiquette

There are a few ground rules, etiquette, that both are important and necessary to know about and follow. No successful companionship exists without some sort of boundaries, companionships with escorts are no exception.

Apply respect in your meetings

Every person on this planet would like to be treated with kindness and with respect, so please bring good manners to your escort. 

Negative remarks about the escort, her friends or career, are not uncommon. Some clients with this attitude are using the escorts services but are negative towards the escorts chosen way of living and feel strongly obligated to give that person negative remarks about it?! 

The chemistry between to persons can go south, even if the escort are professional. Are you looking for an enjoyable time, it takes an effort from both you as the client and the escorts to make the magic happen?

Conversation - a two way responsibility

Not there to waste time on talking. Well, too bad. For being able to communicate, and do it with enthusiasm, would most certainty make the experience even better. 

You are there to have a good time, aren’t you? Don’t let the escorts Carrie the conversation by herself. It’s takes two to tango. Both parties involved in this situation are equally responsible for the outcome of it.

It’s only a smart thing to be prepared, and this includes awareness of topics that should not be part of the conversations. 

Keep your wife, kids and family out of the conversation. Also keep any health problems, physically or mentally, to yourself. In general, don’t bring negative conversation themes with you. If you have problems in your life, who hasn’t, leave them with your doctor of psychologist. An escort is not your therapist!

Many clients are curious about the escorts work and ask a lot of questions. The escorts would appreciate if you didn’t ask those questions. You are there for one reason, and that is to have a great and memorable time. Do your best to understand what would make it so!


Do respect and understand and appreciate that any escort would prefer and even demand, that the client is fresh and clean.

Maybe you already did some thoroughly hygiene rituals back home, but please accept to freshen up in the shower again if offered by the escorts.

The fee

You have booked the escorts time, make sure that the payment is done within the first 5 minutes of your meetings. Mostly, an escort prefer the payment done discreetly, in a blank envelope placed noticeably for the Escort to see.

Don’t let the Escort prompt you for the payment, it’s just annoying and not a good start of something supposed to be enjoyable.

On time!

You have booked the escorts time – be there on time. Don’t expect the Escort to give you extra ten minutes if your bus was too late, or if you got stuck in a traffic jam! It’s not the escorts problem if you didn’t leave home early enough to make it on time.

The escorts are running a business, and his or hero’s income are based on clients that actually shows up. No-shows are lost income. Would you like that some stranger made you lose income?

If you are late, no matter reason, it will just make the whole experience stressful and less enjoyable. If something happens on your way to the Escort, have the courtesy to let the Escort know about it, while you are struggling your way to the appointment. 

If not, the Escort start wondering if you are coming or not, and it naturally a frustration that could affect the experience when you finally show up.

It is your responsibility to take careful note to direction that are given. And by all means, don’t ring neighbours’ doorbells.

Alcohol and drugs

Do not show up influenced on alcohol or any other drug! Do not bring drugs or alcohol. Do not expect to be served alcohol or drugs. 

Again, you are there to have a good time, but the escorts will take care of that, no other substances. If you plan to drink alcohol, do it in moderate quantities.

Accept questions

You may experience that an Escort ask questions to verify that you are genuine. Please read the information on the escorts profile page, so that you are informed regarding fees and other arrangements that may apply to the services.

The Escort are not your "babe"

Again, respect. Don’t call the Escort darling, babe or something else. He or she has a name, that’s it! 

Also, introduce yourself by name so the Escort don’t have to prompt you for it. 

Book the appoinment - don't ask questions

When you are booking the escorts, do only that. Refrain from asking question of sexual nature! It could be illegal in the country you are in and is nevertheless something an Escort are not discussing on the phone.

Also, don’t negotiate the price. It’s fixed and discounts are nothing you should bring up for discussion. This is not a market were negotiating prices are both common and welcomed.

You are booking time, not someones life

Entering an escorts apartment to enjoy their services whatever that would be, you do not have the right to overstep the escorts boundaries. 

You are not given the right to expose that individual to sarcasm, violence, rough treatment, verbally or other ways of abuse!

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