Was an escort, didn’t know

Ukranian Larysa

I was an escort and didn't realize it before he asked to book me again

I thought I was lucky having sex with a really handsome gentleman, but it turned out he was tricked to believe I was an escort.

My first "client" got it for free

Me and a small group of close friends was attending a party with celebrities in Kiev a few years ago. The champagne was flowing freely and later that evening I found myself dancing with a handsome gentleman. 

One thing led to another and we ended up in his luxurious hotel room. Later he excused himself for not paying me upfront before we got intimate and asked how much and if he could book me again. I must have looked surprised, and it took some back and forth for us to fully understand the situation. Since I came out strongly about not being an escort, it was clear to him that I was not going to charge him for the rendezvous.

No wonder it was such a genuine experience, he commented with a big smile on his face.

I learned that one of my friends had set him, and me, up for a practical joke. I tell you; she got the laugh of that year when I told her that the gentleman got to the third base.

Larysa | Escort and didn't know it

A loan ignited my careere as escort, and made me look exclusive and sophisticated

I was stunned when I researched how much elite escorts charged for their services. I love sex, I love to be sensual and I was pretty sure that my body had the qualities needed. However, I knew little of the life of the rich and wealthy. I had so many questions and nobody to ask. I was determined to try it out because I figured it could make my life as student a lot easier.

I felt that my degree in international marketing that I was working on helped a lot. I am educated and know a lot about the world around me. I have always been a curious person, open minded, easy going and friendly. I love to discuss issues that concern us humans in large, particularly climate changes and the challenges ahead, as well as history, politics, human relations, sports, and fashion.

I thought it extremely helpful being able to conversate naturally and with confidence no matter what we were talking about. That also would help me position myself as an exclusive escort. My biggest problem in the beginning was that I had no place of my own, no personal website, no money to invest in expensive fashion and lingerie, and no money to advertise my services.

I borrowed money so I could buy me a professional look, from top to bottom so to speak. Then I researched and found an agency that looked promising. Using an agency was the best solution for me to get started, I thought. This process took a while, and I remember that I was so nervous about not earning back what I have loaned.

The first client I was sent to was staying at a downtown luxury hotel. I was prepped and ready, my head was full of advises, my stomach was turning. I am pretty sure the man I met noticed my insecurity but pretended nothing.

I have never felt ashamed or shy in any way when it comes to sex, but in this situation, I felt lost and unsecure. I got an iron curtain and all good advice was forgotten. A thousand questions ran through my head, but luckily, he started asking me questions that made my brain work again. I calmed down while we tasted a lovely champagne he had opened. He took the lead and was clearly no novice in terms of escort services.

Fortunately, he smelled good and took plenty of time to explore my body. Eventually my nervousness slipped away, and I finally regained my natural rhythm. I was incredibly relieved when we were done. Once I had found calm, I felt a certain excitement that allowed me to be present in the moment and enjoy the treatment.

Strictly speaking, I was probably meant to take control, but instead he gave me attention and pleasure. I felt that I had recovered from my first experience with honour.

Larysa | Escort and didn't know it

A new life emerged

Slowly I picked up experience and more distinguished clients. I thrived and was spoiled by rich men passing through my beautiful city. Soon I was called for outside Ukraine, and found myself in luxurious hotels, restaurants, and expensive fashion streets in many major cities. 

I remember feeling a little proud that rich men were willing to pay thousands of dollars for my company. And I felt especially respected when I got involved in interesting conversations, and the customer relationship almost balanced against something that looked like a real relationship. It was so casual and natural, and the rhythm of life so pleasant.

I must admit that I was also a little extra flattered when customers were clearly proud to be with me and called me beautiful and passionate, comparing me with gorgeous escorts they’ve been with. I was a kind of galleon figure who received expensive gifts and a lot of positive attention. There were many situations where I felt that life as an exclusive escort was a good life.

I barely managed to get my degree finished because of the sudden turn in my life. I was at this point confident that I could make a lot of money and establish myself in a better neighbourhood than I was from. As times passed by, I quickly became the high end escort I wanted to be. I reduced my living expenses because I was well cared for by my clients, and managed to save a lot of money in the process, decorate my new apartment, and have extras for fun and travel with my best friends.

Larysa | Escort and didn't know it

Escorting is about a lot more than sex

Why do I have success? I think it is because of my smile, my personality that makes me fast, and my ability to talk about most things that are brought to the table. Yes, I think escorting is about a lot more than sex.

When working as an escort, sex is of course an unavoidable topic. In 99 % of the meetings sex is part of the relationship with the client. I have regular customers who work and travel a lot and who are single, but most are married and engage me because they have little sex with their wives. Nevertheless, my impression is that most people’s marriages are good and that it is only in the intimate area that it does not meet the needs of men.

They love their wives and had they had more sex in marriage, this industry would have significantly less to do! Infidelity does not happen mainly because men have the opportunity or the money I think, but because they have a natural biological and unmet need.

At the same time, I often feel that there is something more than this. Their need for sexual expression is only the visible part of our encounters. Underlying this, I think, meetings are just as much about the physical closeness, the cosiness, the skin contact, the sexual and sensual conversations, and the emotional feeling of being able to freely explore a willing female body.

Men love the female body and the physical shape we represent. I see it very clearly when men study my body, almost inch by inch, the way they stroke my shapes and cuddle with me. It is obvious that sex is often as much about the mental ejaculation as the physical. Men just wrap it up and call it other things. 

My ability to understand these underlying motives and meet men on such needs, is an important factor in my success. But then I also believe that my ability to give my customers good experiences no matter who they are, skin colour and body shape greatly contributes to my success. I am naturally friendly and welcoming even though I set clear boundaries. 

I have an education and I know many people respect that because I could do well without being an escort. I think many people experience my services as even more genuine. Because my clients are mostly married men, discretion is more than fine words on my website. Iam a ghost in their lives, only visible when they need me. 

It is crucial to think about the small details. I use little perfume when we are to be intimate so that the man does not have the scent of a woman on him when he comes home. I make sure not to leave any marks on his body, and I make sure he does not use my perfumed soaps if he showers before leaving me. 

Larysa | Escort and didn't know it

Not all glory and luxury

Being an escort involves a certain amount of risk, and it creates a lasting stressful moment. There are many generous and nice customers, but there have also been personalities I could have managed without. Men who live out their sexuality with an escort can be rude and behave both rudely and harshly. It is like they think they can do whatever they want because they have paid for my time.

Belonging to an agency felt safer than being independent, and they gave me the opportunity to avoid clients I had unfortunate experiences with. Because none of my friends or family knew I worked as an escort, there was no one I could talk to when I was having a hard time. It reinforced the feeling of living in my own world and sometimes made me lonely. Had it not been for the agency’s support, I would probably have quit earlier.

To persevere, it is easy to resort to alcohol or cocaine that flows in many of the environments I have been a part of. I stuck to champagne and wine and stayed away from other drugs. I always thought that drugs would negatively affect my work and ruin my future. It is easy to make bad decisions when you are affected, it is just that.

At some point, later in the career I felt overwhelmed by this lifestyle and only focusing on customers needs. I decided to find a better balance in my life and wanted to realize more of my other potensials. I started to work out and practice Yoga, and found time for friends and self-development again. I really think that made me to a better escort in the process!

But in the end, it was my need to settle with someone special in my life that finalized my decision to pursue a new career.