Four rules to ensure profitable escorting

Four rules to ensure profitable escorting | The Escort Magazine

Four rules to ensure profitable escorting

Making serious money as an escort requires considerable dedication and a lot of hard work. This article pinpoints four fundamental rules to follow to ensure profitable escorting.

Profitable escorting require hard work but also smart

When you look at elite, high-class escorts, you see beautiful, classy people who a make thousands of pounds per week in their profitable escorting business. However, the reality is, it can be challenging to get to that point. As with climbing the ladder in any career, hard work is vital – particularly when you are a freelancer.

Elite escorts who make tens of thousands of pounds a month didn’t get to that stage simply because they are attractive and give a decent blowjob. They got there through an intense work ethic, strict priorities and a drive for success.

There are four rules to follow to ensure profitable escorting, and, if followed correctly, they will yield results.

Rule #1: Get your priorities straight

First and foremost, if you want to ensure profitable escorting, growing your escorting career has to be your top priority. If your escorting career is not your top priority, you will not be making the earnings of an elite escort.

People who make a considerable salary as an exclusive escort manage to do so because their financial goals are always at the forefront of their mind. They are willing to make sacrifices in their life to achieve the success they desire, and they only take days off when they know they can afford to.

One method to figure out where your priorities lie is to keep track of your day-to-day activities. Each hour, take note of precisely what you did. Were you out for lunch, watching television or with a client? Were you ready to be called out for work? Use the information you gather to calculate where your time goes. How many hours were you with clients available to work or to do things to expand your business?

If most of your time is spent on activities that are not business-related, significantly profitable escorting will not be achieved. Use what you learn from this method to change and develop working habits and practise strict self-discipline. It will be challenging, but it will ensure significant long-term success.

If you eventually find that your priorities do not lie in having a successful escorting career, it is not necessarily a sign to give up. Instead, figure out whether you are willing to change your priorities around to put financial success at the top.

Rule #2: Take care of your appearance

As shallow as it sounds, to be successful as an escort, you have to be attractive. In an industry that relies heavily on good looks, an effort must be made by an escort to take care of their appearance.

That is not to say that you should engage in dangerous dieting and extreme plastic surgery, but rather enhance the attractive assets you already have. Every client is different, and every client has unique preferences. Some may be attracted to an athletic physique, a curvy figure or a more petite frame.

There is a market for almost anything, so if you are comfortable in your appearance, don’t feel like you need to change your appearance too drastically. Just identify the aspects of your appearance that you think are attractive or are regularly complimented on, and do what you can to show them off.

As well as finding your market, part of profitable escorting is using your earnings to invest back into your appearance. Booking regular beauty treatments such as manicures, hair extensions, lash extensions and skin treatments are a great way to ensure you are always looking your best. A solid beauty regime is also a big part of giving your client what was advertised; if you look pampered and glamorous in your photo but have not kept up with treatments before bookings, your client may feel disappointed or even misled.

On top of this, be sure to pay close attention to client feedback. Please take note of the aspects of your appearance that they compliment you on. For example, if a well-paying client mentions that they love the shade of lipstick you have on, remember to wear that same shade next time you see them.

Four rules to ensure profitable escorting | The Escort Magazine

Rule #3: Show up

Truly profitable escorting requires an exceptional commitment to the job; you will only get back what you put out. To put it simply, the more available you make yourself to work, and the more you show up to work, the more money you will make.

As a freelancer, or even under an agency, work can be unpredictable. There is no telling how many bookings you will receive over the week, so it is essential to make yourself available whenever possible.

Though it may seem this way, being constantly available to work does not have to be disruptive to your day. Rather than sitting at home, waiting for a booking, it is still possible to go to the gym or meet a friend for lunch. Just remember, the phone could ring at any point, calling you away for a booking.

So do your makeup and take a shower each morning as if you are going to a booking and keep a bag of essentials with you that holds everything you need if you are called away. You could carry some different lingerie options, high heels, and perhaps some toys in this bag. Keeping a bag of essentials means that if you are out and about when you get a call for a booking, there’s no rush to go home and get ready, and you can head straight to the client.

Clients come and go all the time; if you’re not prepared to show up as and when they need you, you’ll have a more challenging time keeping them around.

Rule #4: Provide exceptional service

Now that the escorting industry is primarily managed online, the supply of escorts is overwhelming. Since clients can find escorts everywhere, it is vital to provide the best quality of service to turn a substantial profit. In short, if your service is not good enough, your client will find a new escort. Therefore, escorts should constantly be striving to meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

In a similar vein to the previous point regarding appearance, ask your clients for feedback and listen to them. Don’t just listen to what they are saying but notice what they don’t comment on. Of course, improving skills will come with lots of work and experience.

Some clients are confident and will tell you exactly what they want, but others are more reserved. When dealing with a client who is a little shyer, don’t be afraid to be bold and take the lead. Offer to try new things – there might be something your client wants to try but feels nervous to ask for.

The most important part of the escort service is that the client feels that their escort is genuinely attracted to them. Showing them you are attracted to them can be a tricky part of the job, but if you are not attracted to your client or are over-acting your attraction towards them, your client will notice.

The escort’s interest in their client must appear to be natural. Sometimes, a client will not be physically attractive, is poorly groomed or may even have poor personal hygiene. However, a good escort will always look past this and do their job regardless. Every client deserves special treatment. Excellent service like this will always amount to a profitable escorting career.


To sum it up, real results require real effort. A career as a successful escort is not as simple as it may seem from the outside, and anybody who has goals of reaching that point must be prepared to put in the work. Sure, a standard escort who doesn’t put heaps of effort into growing their business can still make a decent amount of money. Still, escorts with a clear drive and strong financial aspirations will undoubtedly make a significantly higher salary.

If you are the kind of person who likes to relax, doesn’t like to turn on the charm and act a little fake, or doesn’t have distinct goals to be wealthy and successful, perhaps elite/profitable escorting isn’t for you. However, if you are a motivated, hard-working individual, there is a high chance you can make a serious profit as an escort.

Be diligent, perfect the craft and follow these rules, and your bank account will surely thank you for it.

How images impact your business results

How images impact your business | The Escort Magazine

Images impact your business and will directly influence how profitable you are. Here is how images make you stand out from the crowd.

It’ kind of a mystery. Everyone know that images impact your business – you might considering it as the holy grail to create business for an escort – still there are so many treating this lightly. However, with the advent of mobile phones high-quality photos can now easily be obtained by anyone. But everyone has a phone. Which means you will need a lot more than a beautiful look and high quality photographs to succeed. This article will guide you on how to both standout and create more business with your photos – which other than yourself are the most important and most valuable asset you have for generating new business.

Images impact your business - an introduction

Some have the idea that all it takes to make a living as successful escorts is to put up a few advert’s, buy sexy lingerie, and wait for the suitors flooding in their door. And while this was more accurate a couple of decades ago, but the internet changed all that.

In many way’s internets made aspects of escorting a lot easier. For instance, nowadays everyone can get exposure online, and new girls enter the industry every day. The backflip is that the competition is fierce, and suitors have escort’s in the thousands to choose from in Larger cities such as London. To succeed in creating a viable brand, you need to stand out.

Today Instagram is full of promising photos from apparently moneymaking sisters and may create the notion that the mere look of alluring escorts pave the way for a luxurious lifestyle. A gorgeous look may be important for an elite escort, but to attract the discerned clients, something else entirely is needed when the industry is packed with beautiful elites. If you do not realise this, you will struggle to make it worthwhile.

The fundamentals in shaping a profitable business are to attract the market you aim for and showcase a mix of an irresistible personality and breathtaking photos. This requires a dose of street smartness, the ambition and willingness to go the extra mile, and some know-how within digital seduction. Because it is in the short moment when a visitor comes by your web page – just in a matter of seconds, you have your chance to stand out and shine. You need to make the visitor STOP – right here – right now. This is the job you assign to your photos!

This article will give away some valuable ideas that will make your brand shine in the escort city.

Photos can have a momentous power to your business

Some photos of escorts have a magical appeal. Beautiful photos can have a profound power over the mind of the potential client exploring your photo galleries. So intense that it is difficult for him to let go; he wants to embrace, touch, and stroke this gorgeous body and perfect skin. The woman in the photos is fascinating, spellbinding and coveted more than anyone else. He wants to be with her, learn more about her captivating and seductive personality – all he must do is hit the ‘book me’ button – click!

Most gentlemen will look at your photos before anything else. He searches for the x-factor separating you from your competitors. If he likes what he sees, he may read the ‘about me’ page and form an opinion of if the two of you will be compatible.

The core of your business in this stage is your photos and the presentation you put together. Any web page for business, in general, is just a passive point of sale, and the business owners’ job is to make sure that visitors meet the best possible version of the brand on each page.

The sections below will focus on how to develop your photo galleries to make you stand out from the crowd and get more custom by drawing the attention higher quaility clients.

How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

Why elite companions use a photographer instead of selfies in the galleries?

By using selfies as your source for gallery photos, you avoid the expenses that come with a professional photographer. At the same time and for obvious reasons, you might demote yourself from the ranks of truly elite escorts.

Selfies can never compete with a set of professional photos. A good photographer will make sure that:

  1. Your posture is elegant, desirable, attractive, flawless.
  2. All the photos are 100% sharp when zoomed in on (try that holding a mobile.)
  3. The lighting is used to create and elevate and enhance the motif and to create the exact atmosphere wanted.
  4. The photos undergo a professional post-production that further enhance sharpness, lighting, colours and colour temperatures, contrasts and much more.
  5. You have a set of originals with supreme technical quality letting you further crop photos for creative purposes.

Finding the best photographer

Your choice of photographer is crucial and you should strive to find one that will not only suit your personality but let your personality shine through in the shoots. Remember that the two of you are going to work quite intimately, so you to be able to completely relax in the photographer’s company for hours are obviously entirely important.

No photographer, manages to masters every style.. A photographer that mainly takes portraits for businesses is assumable not the best option for an escort. The same goes for nature or advertising photographers. A photographer skilled in boudoir photographyis much more likely to prove to be a better choice. Photographers specialised in act photo can also be worthwhile to consider.

There are companies specialised in photographing escorts and there are both pro’s and con’s when using them. On the positive side, they are experienced with models wearing lingerie and they will know how to bring out the sensuality, naughtiness, innocence and other industry standard troupes. On the negative side, some photographer’s may be less creative and use the same technique in all of their shoots.

Good pratice here would be to do your research. In this case by browsing the photographer’s portfolio and looking fo diversity and expressions that you like. Make a short-list, visit them for a face to face chat, select the person you both feel comfortable with and that you trust can create exactly the kind of photos you want.

Planning the photoshoot

Building a professional portfolio with stunning photos should be planned and executed with the same level of professionalism you use as an escort. This, in contrast to just booking a photographer and letting him or her be in control of the results.

Think of yourself as a magazine editor – like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. The photographers will most certainly be asked for some specific look and feel, and the batch of photos delivered, will be scrutinised in detail by the editorial staff. You must act as an editor for your photos. Plan every style, surroundings, look, and expression you want – each image related to specific emotions you want to bring out.

The variation is extremely important because your market is not homogeneous, instead a plethora of different preferences that you must try to meet when they land on your web page.

Using storyboard just as they do in film studios can work as a method to keep you on top of all the different settings, expressions, and other details you plan for your photos. A storyboard is you making simple drawings indicating what each image is about. Under each picture, you make sure to give each one a number and a few keywords describing the planned photo.

When you meet with the photographer, you can start with any one of the drawings, discuss the settings and start shooting.

This method will keep you in complete control. It is the natural you, the beautiful and gorgeous you, no matter what surroundings or situations, no matter what clothing or expressions you wear.

My favourite lingerie sets

Create themes and categories for your photos – let the visitors explore your world

Usually, a gallery page contains all the photos available. A downside to this is that the total file size builds up and make the page slower to download, especially to mobiles. This can, however, be avoided by making a separate theme page for each gallery. Additionally, photo theme pages are more interesting to explore.

By saving your images into different theme pages you have fewer images on each page, making it smaller in total file size, and faster to download. This method also allow for better image quality than if you have many images in one large gallery.

Your main menu can use ‘My galleries’ as an overall menu name, and let the various themes be listed in a sub-menu. Like this:

My galleries:

  • My naughty personality
  • My favourite lingerie sets
  • Fine dine companion
  • Sport collection
  • Formally dressed
  • Denim domination
  • Casually dressed
  • Bikini
  • Party
How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

How many facial expressions are you blessed with?

Give it a thought. What type of facial expressions will create emotional responses, desire, and excitement from the viewers? A face with a warm, welcoming, desirable, open, and intimate expression, or a neutral and more aloof look?

Expressionless, inscrutable, emotionless faces can look like the perfect fashion model and give weight to your efforts for high-end brand positioning. But it may also create an unfortunate distance that does the opposite of what you want like putting yourself on a pedestal just to be looked at, not to be interacted with.

The goal is to put together a message that brings you business and positions you as a high-class escort. To do this with success, you may need to combine a mix of photos and a professional presentation of your business in words. Any exclusive professional escort depends on her ability to adapt to various situations and entice all kinds of personalities she encounters. This would imply using a wide selection of different facial expressions, poses, clothing, surroundings, and situations to support this ability.

Post-production of your photos

Post-production is the work following a photoshoot. The professional photographer uses programs like Lightroom or Capture One for some part of the process, and often Photoshop to further enhance photo visuals and quality.

In Post-production stuff like lighting and tones, colours, sharpening, cropping, and much more are adjusted. The photographer can create wonders and miracles for photos in his work-bench. When this part of the post-production is done, the photographer or web designer moves over to another equally important part of this process that has nothing to do with retouching and elevating the model’s look – the balance between image quality and file size – cropping and compression.

How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine
How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine
How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

Cropping - creating focus and more pictures out of one

The photographer will send you a selection of photos. Some of them can be cropped, giving you even more images to work with. Cropping photos is a method for controlling the viewer’s focus, thus eliminating less desired elements of a photograph.

If you want to elevate your perfect skin tones, consider cropping a photo so that it looks like you have zoomed in on it. Even bad photos may have areas that are suited for use if cropped. If you do not master cropping, ask your photographer for help, even though it will cost some extra.

Here is what you do when the photographer has shared the photos from the photoshoot with you.

  1. Print them out. This makes it easier to work with a vast number of photos and select the ones you want to publish on your web page.
  2. Organise the photos according to how they are going to be used on your web page.
  3. Select photos suited for cropping.
  4. Print several copies of the images you want to crop details from and draw a frame on the photo you want to crop. From one picture, you can often create many zoomed in and more detailed images.
How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

Fig. 1. On the “before” image only a 25% compression is applied (file size of 94kb). On the “after” image a 99% compression is applied which resulted in a file size of 14kb.

Compression to reduce file size

Information about compression and file size is a bit technical but a highly important issue to consider when working with images for use on the internet. The file size of an image directly influences how fast visitors can download content from your web page to their devices. And given the average attention span when browsing the internet, time is of the essence.

How much a photo needs to be compressed in general depends on its intended use. For pictures of professional models and beautiful escorts, it will usually require a high level of quality, and a so-called lossless compression, in contrast to a lossy, is required. 

In the example above, fig. 1, (before/after set up) it is very clear that a hard compression, the after version of the image, leave you with a small file size, however, also with a pixelated image not much of a quality for a professional escort. Notice also the pixelated background. In the other end, the before version of the same image, is crystal clear, but has a file size much bigger. File size in kb will usually be subject to a compromise between the planned number of images on a given page, their physical size, the purpose of the images, and server type (slow or fast server.) On image intensive pages it is wise to do a speedtest.

The skin of a woman will look dry if the photo is compressed too hard, and at the same time, reduce the overall look and sense of quality. Lousy photo quality may reflect on the escort’s definition of quality and professionalism. Clients must be met with indisputable quality in every aspect of your services.

The required photo quality for your galleries to look professional may, however, may induce a large file size in total for each page if many images are uploaded on a given page. When each image is compressed to the smallest recommended file size keeping the needed quality, the only other option to further reduce the overall download time for each page, if needed, is to keep the number of photos on each page to an acceptable level. 

How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

Fig. 2. Image size is 550px – compressed with 50% – file size 31kb.

How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

Fig. 3. Image size is 250px – compressed with 50% – file size 10kb.

Above, two images compressed with the same compression quality, 50%. Below a 850px wide version. but still compresssed with 50% quality. The latter is quite similar to the image size required to pose well, but it comes with a price in file size. A page stuffed with 61kb files size images will quickly slow the page down for visitors.

A download of a socalled “first contentful paint” are considered as a good user experience when less than 1 second. First contentful paint measures how long it takes the browser to render the first piece of content. A complete download of all the asset on the page should take no longer than 2-4 seconds. 

Consider to spread your images on several pages as mentioned under themes and categories.

How images impact your business results | The Escort Magazine

Fig. 3. Image size is 850px – compressed with 50% – file size 61kb.

Each client is unique, so are you

Being serious with your photos and the presentation of both you and your services, lay the ground for coming across to a multitude of personalities visiting your web page or escort profile. And this is the core of creating a viable business. 

Each client represents a unique preference many of which you may be able to attract by showing off yourself with various skills, abilities, and nuances.