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Alluring escorts | Beautiful escorts - what is more important: Looks or personality? | The Escort Magazine

What is more important for alluring escorts? Looks or personality?

So, what is the most essential weapon in a high-class escort’s arsenal? Is it her beauty, her intelligence, her wit, her charm? How can alluring escorts disarm and seduce her clients into coming back for more? Below are some vital considerations one must take into account when answering these questions.

It is undeniable that when initially selecting an escort, a client will choose based on aesthetics they find appealing. A stunningly beautiful escort is going to attract attention over an individual who, perhaps, has not put enough effort into their style and overall image. However, the most successful and alluring escorts do not underestimate the importance of intelligence and charm. 

A potential client may be sexually attracted to a certain beauty or image. However, if this beautiful escort opens her mouth and out falls a tirade of vapid drivel, this is going to be a massive turn off for potential repeat clients. Consequently, you will not only miss out on repeat custom, but it will also devalue your brand, reputation, and business. If you are thinking about becoming an exclusive escort, this article will outline the importance of both attributes when courting potential clients and how you can hone both of these skills.

The importance of combining beauty and intelligence

It is of the utmost importance that a beautiful escort possesses a wealth of cultural capital. You should be stunning in your looks and the way you speak and present yourself to your clients. The sex industry is a service industry where the clients: their needs and desires, come first, especially if you want to guarantee continued business. Therefore, the most alluring escorts must be sensitive to their client’s personality, as well as his sexual needs, and adjust theirs to fit with his.

These beautiful and alluring escorts must constantly strive for perfection regarding both appearance and personality. Clients will be looking to have their every desire met. They want the perfect woman possessing both sex appeal and that certain spark. You must have a rich, varied and utterly unique concoction of beauty and intelligence ready for each client. The most alluring escorts must have all the ingredients for perfection. This promise of flawlessness is one of the main reason’s men decide to use escort services: their idea of perfection is personified.

It is your job, as an escort, to identify your client’s desires. This skill will enable you to shape your identity and persona around his needs. This requires not only cultural capital but also emotional intelligence. The ability to charm, both intellectually and emotionally, will provide you with a plethora of regular clients. Your initial beauty may have initially captivated, but now, you must keep him interested and wanting more.

Alluring escorts | Beautiful escorts - what is more important: Looks or personality? | The Escort Magazine

Whats more important for alluring escorts? Looks or personality

Being able to change your personality and identity

And to be every man’s perfect woman, you must constantly tweak your personality and individuality to fit with your clients. You are creating an identity that your client finds alluring and desirable will make you  magnetic to them.

Whether your client wants to discuss current affairs or ancient cultures with you, you must be informed enough to engage in a proper conversation with him, and if you aren’t knowledgeable on the subject, you
need to be able to ask questions that show you have been listening intently and are genuinely interested.

There are a lot of alluring and beautiful escorts already in business. You need to set yourself apart from the others. You need to be THE dream woman that every client has been searching for his entire life. This adaptable and carefully carved persona will seduce your client as much as your looks, perhaps even more so. 

The trick to achieving this comes from understanding the difference between beautiful escorts and alluring escorts. Beauty is self-explanatory. It will attract clients for face-value only. But solely beautiful escorts cannot provide a fun time or interesting conversation for their date with their looks alone. If you are unable to entertain, your client will seek another escort who possesses both beauty and the ability to engage. No matter how intense it might be, your beauty will not be the sole factor that will win over your clients. There is very little point in going on a date with a beautiful woman if it is not going to be enjoyable. 

The dictionary terms’ alluring’ as: ‘powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.’ This means that your personality MUST be enticing and seductive. Your looks can capture attention, but only your personality will be able to pique your client’s interest, entice his desire, seduce him and keep him wanting more. You must possess both beauty and charm to be one of the most successfully alluring escorts in the business.

Aesthetic expectations

Returning to the topic of looks: there is a specific demographic attached to higher-end escort agencies, and you will need to conform to these if you decide to work for them. Even if you do not, it is advisable to understand what sells. Most major high-end escort agencies ask that their escorts’ conform to dominant cultural beauty ideals’. 

After all, your looks create the initial impression on your client, and your aesthetic is fundamental  then considering the type of client you want to attract. Usually, escorts who work for high-end agencies are living embodiments of the archetypal high-class woman. This particular look can provide the client with the ‘halo effect’, and he will make assumptions about personality based on looks.

The ‘halo effect’ is ‘the tendency for an impression created in one area to influence opinion in another area.’ Ergo, your aesthetic will influence his opinions about your personality. To receive bookings from potential repeat clients, these assumptions and pre-formed beliefs must be highly favourable. Not only must these beautiful escorts look the part, but they must also perpetuate the characteristics that the client will attach to them alongside their aesthetic. 

These stunning escorts will conform to the role they create in terms of manners and will also display the appropriate degree of femininity in their movements and body language. As previously stated, this is a service-based industry. A high-end agency will attract high-end customers who will have a specific set of expectations that you will need to fulfil. 

Being able to combine your beauty and your intelligence will give you a natural edge in this industry. Beautiful escorts with alluring personalities are the pinnacle of sexual capital. Hakim’s sexual capital consists of six main elements: beauty, sexual attractiveness, social interaction, liveliness, social presentation, and sexuality. 

As you can see, a near 50/50 split between looks and personality makes up sexual capital. If you hone each of these six attributes, you will truly succeed in the industry. Sexual capital is not all about looks. There is great importance placed on interaction and the quality of that interaction, which of course, relies on the escort’s charm and personality.

Alluring escorts | Beautiful escorts - what is more important: Looks or personality? | The Escort Magazine

Alluring escorts, whose personalities spark a flame in their clients, will always be able to rely on repeat business from regular customers

The importance of sociability and putting your clients at ease

The charm and grace that comes under the two headings of social interaction and liveliness are imperative to your success as an escort. Imagine you are having dinner with a first-time client, and he is nervous. It is your job to put your client at ease. You will do this with the emotional intelligence required to understand his personality. Once you have identified his needs, you will adopt a persona that is designed to relax him. It is your job to be lively, talkative and engaging – to be the life and soul of the party.

In effect, it is your job to entertain in more ways than one. If you are incapable of breaking the ice, the whole encounter will be tense and unenjoyable, and the client will not be left wanting more of you. Although your client will initially choose you for your beauty, you must use your personality to seduce and entertain him. Beautiful escorts will always have clients because of their looks. 

However, alluring escorts, whose personalities spark a flame in their clients, will always be able to rely on repeat business from regular customers. This allure will leave your clients wanting more because you know how to have a good time and will be able to meet your client’s sexual AND social expectations – possibly even exceeding them.

Adapting to your surroundings and modifying your behaviour

To be a sexual, intellectual, emotionally alluring escort, you must adapt to your client and your surroundings. This skill, naturally, also falls under the ability to change your personality and identity, like a chameleon. 

For example, you cannot behave on a date in a club setting in the same manner as you would in a restaurant setting. However, suppose you have a repeat client, and he takes you on a multitude of dates. In that case, you must be careful not to become confused between behaviour modification and a
complete change of personality. 

This mix-up will be off-putting to your client as these dates are a chance for you to get to know each other. If your personality takes a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree U-turn, your client may begin to question your authenticity, which must be unshakeable for him to become a repeat client and make that long-term investment in you. If your client does not feel like your dates are personal and intimate in enough conversation and exchange, he will not return to you. 

This ability to modify your behaviour yet retain the personality you have moulded, especially for your client, will exceed his expectations and build you a repeat client base. Without this ability to adapt, you will find yourself out of your depth in a wide range of situations, which will limit your success as an escort.

In conclusion

It is very much a mixture of both looks and personality that culminate into the most successfully alluring escorts. Yes, you must look stunning. You must take care of every single part of your body. Your body is literally your temple, and it is your job to look after it. But it is also paramount to combine this beauty with cultural and sexual capital as this will enable you to adapt to each client regarding both the client’s desires and personality. 

You must be flexible with your own identity and interests, moulding and carving them to fit your client’s expectations. To understand what those expectations are, you must possess a certain degree of emotional intelligence and the ability to read your client’s desires. 

This emotional intelligence will also enable you to understand what behaviour is appropriate and expected in different situations. You will be able to modify your actions and manners to varying levels of etiquette in different environments.

Alongside this mixture of beauty, emotional intelligence and adaptability, you must be able to socialise in a wide range of situations and provide entertainment and conversation at every turn. You must be completely comfortable with every version of yourself that you create so that you can always react to different situations in a way that is expected, with the utmost ease. 

It is a lot to ask, but the most alluring escorts must be the perfect woman for each of their clients. Being a high-class, alluring escort requires a lot of demanding and emotionally draining work, but the rewards can be huge if you can combine all of these essential elements into yourself. If you want to charge your client £2000+ for your company, you must provide everything they desire, in terms of your beauty and in terms of your persona.


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