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Image rules | The Escort Magazine

Image rules when advertising

The guidelines are solely here to make sure we maintain a high level of quality in every aspect of this site.

The following rules applies for everyone that are advertising with us.

  1. We respect you privacy. The companions face are therefore allowed to partly cover. However, we ask for delicate and creative ways to cover a face – do not use blurring as a teqhnique as it will be refused. We accept that the face are cropped from nose up as a technique to cover a part of a face.
  2. Images cannot contain text on it.
  3. We do not accept explicit images. All we want is to upheld a high standard that give us a good reputation and more business to advertisers.
  4. Images must upheld a high technical quality. 
  5. Images may not contain any visible watermarks. 
  6. Images must be at a professional level in both technical and motif quality. Blurry/unsharp images are automatically refused.
  7. We do not publish selfies in the ad galleries.
  8. Images with sloppy surroundings are refused.
  9. Send us high res. images only.
  10. Do not send images via email. Please use Dropbox or WeTransfer. Use:
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