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Promotional activities for escorts | The Escort Magazine

Free advertising for exclusive escorts throughout 2022 and into 2023

We have a professional SEO-resource, we have a professional content editor, we have professional writers – we will soon be the preferred go-to source for high-end companions. Escorts and agencies registering now will have huge monthly discounts when we officially launch the site.

This is what we offer you for FREE* throughout 2022 and into 2023

*One time admin fee GBP 200 for preparing and implement your ad and featured story give you FREE advertising throughout 2022. We also require a backlink to the magazine. You find more details below.

**Paid advertising options are available with introduction prices, visit the bottom section.

We have prepared a page explaining the strong and unique features and reasons to answer this question. Why advertise with us.

FREE THROUGHOUT 2022 and into 20230

Exclusive gallery ad

The gallery pages is the single most important placement option we offer because all visitors want to visit those sections. An image, your escort name, and your area of operation is what is required.

FREE THROUGHOUT 2022 and into 20230

Featured story

Unleash your creative power and take the readers on a sensual journey with well written text and beautitul and professional images.

Consider your featured story as a page where you entice, thrill, and invite, the readers to visit your personal webpage. Use as many as 3500 words, one top image, and up to 10 gallery images, to make a stunning presentation of yourself.

Click on the image below and visit a sample page showing what a featured story page can look like.

Paid ad modules and other promotional opportunities - great introduction prices for 2023 advertisements

Most of our paid modules (below) are limited, meaning that each module only have a certain numbers of available positions throughtout the site. You may reserve an paid ad position already, paying only a 20% fee today and the rest before the ad are actviated.

Sample ad size | The Escort Magazine

Full width ad

This is the largest ad module we offer and only a few positions are available on the site. This ad will render differently on laptop/computer and on mobiles. The version suited for your device are shown.

  1. Banner size on computer: 1380 x 460 px. 
  2. Banner size on smart phones: 400 x 600 px.
  3. On mobile devices, this ad will be rendered with image on top over text.
  4. Animations are not accepted.
  5. We want to represent you the best way possible, so we ask you to please send us a high resolution image. We will crop, compress and assemble the image to achieve the best file size/download speed.
  6. We offer an elite services to help advertisers held a professional standard in their advertisement, please ask for this free service to help composing your ad with text and image.

Note that you decide the ratio between image and text on your ad. Please inform us what kind of set up you prefer.

Placement options and one time only fee for 2023 pr. ad:
Only 2 positions are available on the Home page: GBP 500
10 positions are available on the Exclusive Escorts page: GBP 300
10 positions are available on the escort city pages (London, Sydney… -linked to from the exclusive escort page): GBP 400

Ask for availability. Fee’s must be paid in advance.

Homepage gallery module

London Escorts | The Escort Magazine
Jeanne Arquette
London & Worldwide
London Escorts | The Escort Magazine
Emma Cappell
London & Worldwide
London Escorts | The Escort Magazine
Galyna Sereda
London & Worldwide
London Escorts | The Escort Magazine
Selma Chapall
London & Worldwide
London Escorts | The Escort Magazine
Cinnamon James
London & Worldwide

Front page gallery ad

The home page gallery are placed in a prominent position on our front page with only six ad positions. 

  1. Banner size 175 x 249 px for computer/laptop. 
  2. Banner size 400 x 600 px for mobiles.
  3. Max file size: 12kb
  4. Please send us a high resolution image, your escort name and area(s) of operation. F.i London and Worldwide. We will crop, compress and assemble the ad for you.
  5. Animations are not accepted.

Ad price:

Introduction price throughout 2023 – GBP 50 pr. month

*Fee must be paid in advance.

Editorial mentioning

An editorial mentioning is an old yet effective and powerful way to promote and send traffic to a brand or product page. It is a text linking to your personal website or to a featured article about your escort business (published here at The Escort Magazine.) Links are based on a do-follow protocol and will give your personal website domain ranking value.

Articles with mentioning are linked to from the front page. Ask us for availability.

Introduction price:
Mentionings in articles: GBP 100 for 2022/2023 pr. mentioning. 

This is a one time only fee for 2022 and the whole 2023.

*Fee must be paid in advance.

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