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Advertisng opportunities for elite escort agencies | The Escort Magazine

The Escort Magazine offer an exclusive advertising platform for a limited number of advertisers

The Escort Magazine are solely focusing on the high class market where the powerful, the discerned, and the high flying end users, are found. Everything on our platform will reflect our focus on this profitable niche. Here you will not drown in all kinds of advertisers, and your brand will stand out and shine. Our unique and strong marketing program tailored for luxury independents and elite agencies will make sure of that. Here you will be surrounded by other truly professionals only.

2021 marketing program for escort agencies

Three promotional activities are offered for free throughout 2021 – only a administration fee for setting up the ads, and a link exchange applies. The official launch of the magazine is set to January 2022, but the free promotion we offer will continue for all the early bird advertisers until we have a satisfactory level of daily unique visitors. Our free marketing program offers will however not apply to agencies contacting us after the launch.


A high end brand must be treated as one

Either you are an agency representing the finest escorts, or an independent exclusive escort, you’re high end brand deserve to be treated as such.

If your brand are drowning in directory listing longer than your arm, the brand may be associated with less valued brand. Where you promote your business can actually create an association between the platform your ads are published and your brand. The Escort Magazine are soley focusing on the high-end market regarding both clients as well as the escorts’ themselves.

Featured article (Free 2021)

A featured article is a great way to promote your agency. The minimum lenght of a featured article is 1000 words and maximum is 3500.

A featured article do not follow a strict structure, but can however be used in ways that best suit your business model, company history, the selection of escorts in the agency portfolio, or other aspects your agency find important to promote.

If you want an article to have elements of an interview, we make sure to send you a relevant questionare. We prefer to have images delivered in the original high resolution format so that we can crop and compress for best performance on our site. 

Featured articles | The Escort Magazine

Module 1

This is the largest and most prominent module - 1380 x 440 px. As for any module, it can have a button linking to a featured article or news highlight of your agency. Please follow our general quality guidelines for advertising material outlined at the bottom of this page.
Advertising module 2 | The Escort Magazine

Module 2 (Free 2021)

  • Module 2 banner size: 690 x 460 px
  • No animation.
  • This ad can be placed on  category pages and articles.

Module 3 (Free 2021)

  • Module 3 banner size: 366 x 325 px
  • No animation.
  • This ad can be placed on most pages, ask us for placement.
Module 3

Module 4

  • Module 4 banner size: 310 x 207 px
  • Image file size max. 15kb
  • No animation.
  • Can be placed on most pages and also directly in an articles.
Advertising module 4
Advertising module 4

Module 5

  • Module 5 banner size: 345 x 90 px
  • Image file size max. 10kb.
  • No animation.
  • Can be placed on most pages and also directly in an articles.
Advertising module 5

Gallery promotion (Free)

  • Image size: 310 x 500 px
  • File size maximum 20kb.
  • Visit our VIP escorts gallery to see how we promote your escorts.

Mentionings in relevant articles

Editorial mentioning is an old yet effective and powerful way to promote and send traffic to a brand or product. Mentioning are pure text links that backlinks to your website or to a featured article about your brand at The Escort Magazine. Links are based on a do-follow protocol.