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About The Escort Magazine

About The Escort Magazine

A high end brand should be treated as one. Escorts’ Magazine is a world class lifestyle publisher relevant for the elite of escorts, high class agencies and VIP clientele.

Who we are

  • The Escort Magazine is a internationally focused lifestyle magazine
  • Elite escorts
  • Elite agencies
  • Targeting a discerned clientele
  • A “meeting and recruitment point” for escorts and elite agencies
  • Educational purposes for novise escorts aspiring to become an elite escort

What we believe


The importance of exclusivity to prevail as a high-end brand

High-end brands that advertise at low end marketing places, risk that their brand are associated with the lower standard. In the escort industry directories all over the world accept both low-end as well as high-end brands to advertise on their pages, making it impossible to both stand out and build their brands as a quality supplier of elite escorts.

A brand that wants to emit exclusivity need to be associated with the same level of elevated exclusivity in every touch point they have with the market. The language, the webpage design and colors, the photos, the customer care, the booking systems, their marketing strategies and where they place the communication – all important aspect of the impression they create in the market and in the heads of their target groups.

The Escort Magazine

Our team


Our marketing programs requires a reservation and are open for invited escorts and agencies only




Why we will dominate important keywords in the industry

The development of The Escort Magazine are based on tons of statistical data collected from the industry. We use the largest third party database when we select keywords, content, as well as partners 

Fundamentally important, we are professionals from the industry, but have a team of professionals available to us within web and content development as well as a SEO-expert. The team will develop our Magazine based on tons of digital statistical data collected from the industry. We know exactly what keywords to focus on, and how hard or not it will be to rank for anyone of them. 

Because of this we advantage we have strong ambitions when it comes to attract high traffic volumes landing on our site. Traffic that will be beneficial for all businesses that are taking advantage of all the promotional opportunities our platform offers. We have quite a noticeably range of opportunities for those who wants more business. 

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